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Custom Home Builder Tsawwassen

Custom Home Builder Tsawwassen

Did you ever dream of having a unique house placed in a picturesque location? If the answer is Yes, then you must come to the New Vision Projects, your custom home builder in Tsawwassen.

What is custom home builders?

A custom home builder is a contractor able to build your home following a customized design done by an architect for your particular location. With a custom-made home, you will be in full control of the layout, amenities, and sizes. Depending on the land you own, you will have the flexibility to create a high-end house for your family, with unique architecture.

By comparison, a production builder will be the initial landowner of the community homes they built. You will have a selection of designs to decide from, but with limited customization options. In most of the cases, the house will come as a package with the land.

Benefits of a custom-made home

Your home will reflect your personality, and you will shape it in collaboration with the architect and the custom home builder in Tsawwassen. You will have, for instance, the possibility to express your environmental concerns. The builder will adopt, in this case, green building techniques like solar panels, improved insulation to reduces losses, or they will use renewable materials.

Your new home will also reflect your lifestyle by including a family entertainment center, a pool, a gym, or a fitness room. If you will decide to go to a bowling alley or a game room, there is no problem. We will build them for you!

With the IoT (short for Internet of Things) rapidly entering our lives, you may also decide to build a smart home from scratch. This will allow you to remotely control a variety of features, including environmental temperature, the security systems, lighting, etc. And all this without breaking the walls and pulling wires after you moved in.

A custom-made home may also have the benefit of multigeneration living under one roof. Your parent’s accommodation may be designed, keeping in mind some special requirements they may have like wider doors or fewer stairs. An apartment-style space with own living areas and kitchen will provide a feeling of privacy while enjoying living together with the grandkids.

Is it cheaper to build a custom home?

The cost per square foot when comparing a custom-made home with a ready-made one is approximately the same. The price can vary depending on the features you want to add. When adding new features to a prefabricated home, the cost may be slightly higher than for a custom house built like this from the beginning. Reason being the extra works that need to be done to add the improvements.

However, when dealing with a custom home builder in Tsawwassen, they will be able to negotiate reasonable discounts for you on the materials. At New Vision Projects, we want to ensure that our customers have reached their dreams at an acceptable cost.

Custom Home Builder Tsawwassen

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Custom Home Builder Tsawwassen Custom Home Builder Tsawwassen Custom Home Builder Tsawwassen Custom Home Builder Tsawwassen

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