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Whether you want to remodel/renovate your home or build a new one in Mission Viejo, CA, and the surrounding area, you need to choose the best flooring company to get the job done right. Choosing the best flooring contractor in Mission Viejo can be challenging. To make the process easier, we've put together a list of factors to consider when choosing a flooring contractor in Mission Viejo.


Flooring is a significant home investment. Before you commit to using a Mission Viejo flooring company, you need to research their background to verify their reputation. What do people say about the company? Do they have good reviews online? Has anyone close to you ever used them? Are they part of any local networking groups and organizations in California? Pay close attention to these things and ensure the Mission Viejo flooring company has a good reputation.


The Mission Viejo flooring contractor you're choosing should have experience in a wide variety of flooring options. An experienced company should be able to show you pictures of past work and should be knowledgeable about the best flooring options you can use for your home. The flooring contractor must know everything about the job and should have the proof to show their experience.


Consider checking your chosen flooring contractor reference. Any experienced Mission Viejo flooring contractor must have references. Also, you have to be diligent when contacting the company references and asking questions regarding the quality of work done. Ensure you choose a company that is transparent about the services it provides.

License and Insurance

When choosing a Mission Viejo flooring contractor, it's crucial to consider if they are a licensed and insured contractor because anything could happen on the job, and you don't want to be held liable. Choosing a licensed and insured contractor means the flooring company is registered with the state and insured, so there will be someone to be held accountable if something goes wrong. Ideally, your chosen flooring company should have workers' compensation and liability insurance.

Flooring types

Some Mission Viejo flooring contractors specialize in hardwood flooring, while others specialize in just laminates or tile. Most flooring contractors will use different teams for different flooring types. To ensure your floor is properly installed, you should consider hiring a flooring contractor that can install your type of floor.


You also need to consider if your choosing Mission Viejo flooring contractor offers a guarantee. Ideally, a flooring contractor should provide at least a year guarantee for labor and materials. The products and materials that the flooring company uses must have a warranty from the manufacturer.

Need A Flooring Contractor In Mission Viejo? Contact Unique Kitchen & Baths

Here at Unique Kitchen & Baths, we are proud to serve California and the surrounding area with non-disruptive flooring installation services. We have the expertise to help you select the most suitable flooring option for your home. If you're looking for a trustworthy flooring contractor in Mission Viejo, CA to transform your home, please call us at 714-475-1777.




flooring contractor Mission Viejo
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flooring contractor Mission Viejo

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flooring contractor Mission Viejo flooring contractor Mission Viejo flooring contractor Mission Viejo flooring contractor Mission Viejo

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