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Home Builders Boerne Not all home builders Boerne can build custom homes, so if you are looking for skilled and experienced bespoke builder, be sure to visit Jim Boles Custom Homes. Jim Boles has an eye for detail and the creativity to make your ideal home a reality. Contact him through his website to begin an initial discussion, professional design assessment, and detailed proposal of your project.  

It is recommended that you contact professional home builders Boerne if you are thinking of building a custom home. With the help of professional custom builders, you can be sure that you can build a unique and beautifully designed home that can serve as a great long-term investment. Professional builders are updated with innovations that can improve a home's energy efficiency, so you can reduce your energy costs in the long run. For instance, they may recommend using construction materials with a higher R-value for greater insulation, or recommend installing an A/C unit with a minimum SEER level of 14 SEER for lower running costs.
Custom homes with an attic can be energy efficient, too. A custom home builder can recommend a radiant barrier to be installed in the attic instead of using spray foam insulation. The radiant barrier is an OBS product that is a thin layer of aluminum, which is laminated and installed on the bottom part of the roof. This can block up to 97-percent of radiant heat from seeping into your attic and spreading into your home. A cooler attic means a cooler house, so you can use the A/C less.
There are home builders Boerne with the technology and skill to use spray foam insulation into the wall cavities of your home to improve indoor air quality, provide soundproofing, and minimize monthly air conditioning costs by up to 60-percent. Spray foam insulation may protect your home from mold growth and termite and cockroach infestation because it does not act as a food source for pests.
Talk to Jim Boles to discuss more options in energy efficiency for your dream home. Jim Boles Custom Homes has more than 16 years of experience in working with clients using a hands-on approach and his creativity to make the homes a reflection of the owner's lifestyle and personal style. You can view the online portfolio of Jim Boles Custom Homes in this website for an idea on how we build and design custom homes.
Home Builders Boerne
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Home Builders Boerne
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Home Builders Boerne Home Builders Boerne Home Builders Boerne Home Builders Boerne

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