Kitchen Remodel Round Rock

Kitchen Remodel Round Rock

Most of us are drawn to homes that have complementary spaces where you can have access to the outdoors, especially when these spaces include plants, trees, gardens and sitting areas. But what about adding a kitchen to that open space?


Did you know that giving your small backyard a makeover by remodeling can increase the overall value of your property? The patio of a home is considered a gold mine of opportunities, thanks to the many options you have when remodeling, i.e., you can add new green areas or turn it into a place to make and share meals.


At AHS Construction Inc. we are aware of the great importance that outdoor spaces such as small patios have nowadays, since they are considered special to share moments with family and friends. In our experience as patio and deck builders, we have realized that many people do not pay attention to the use they could give to their patio by adding an area to barbecue or cook any dish.


We know as patio construction contractors that having a kitchen in a free space like a patio is a privilege and it is best to make the most of it and invest in its remodeling in order to turn it into a pleasant place that allows us to relax and spend quality time with family and friends.

Tips to turn your patio into your dream kitchen

Contact professionals

There are companies that specialize in patio construction. This will make your job better done and with a broader vision at the time of designing and executing the work. At AHS Construction Inc. we are outdoor patio contractors par excellence in Round Rock, Texas. We work with a wide variety of materials and adapt to any type of space.

Use colors to your advantage

A change in colors can give a totally different look to your space. If you want to give it a natural and fresh atmosphere, you can use bright colors like green or orange, giving it a warm touch.

Use flowers for decoration

This is a very good option because it helps you to make that new space look much better thanks to the feeling of peace and tranquility that they transmit, opt for fun pots and flowers/plants of different colors.

Play with natural elements such as stones and sand

Segment the areas with different materials, that is, use a specific material for the floor and another one for the area where the utensils will be. Use materials such as cement in the walls, it really does not cost much and it lasts forever, besides it is a trend in architecture.


Concrete patio construction is all the rage

Concrete constructions are usually cheaper and easier to maintain. For example, if you make a concrete pour on the floor of your patio, you can clean it more easily or, if you like, install artificial grass on top of it.

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AHS Construction Inc. is a company specialized in patio remodeling and patio designs with 20 years of experience in the market. Our wide range of clients and successfully completed projects makes us the best patio remodeling company in Round Rock, Texas.

You can visit our website and see all the projects we have done. You can also get an estimate by calling our customer service line 512-246-8670.

Kitchen Remodel Round Rock
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Kitchen Remodel Round Rock
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Kitchen Remodel Round Rock Kitchen Remodel Round Rock Kitchen Remodel Round Rock Kitchen Remodel Round Rock

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