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Shower Grout Repair Service

Shower Grout Repair Service

Over time the grout, especially the one on the humid areas of your house like the bathroom, will crack or turn to black, unaesthetic color. At Prestige, we are specialized in all type of shower grout repair service in your area, bringing back the comfort and the beauty of your washroom.

What causes grout to crack in the shower?

Your house is continuously moving and the grout, mainly that in the jointing areas, will not be elastic enough to follow those moves and over time will crack. Sometimes humidity or temperature variations will also affect it, leading to cracks.

Also, improper installation may affect grout’s integrity, if, for example, you mix it with too much water or adessive. The way grout is applied is equally important. A professional contractor will make sure that grout is evenly applied, with no air bubbles left inside that can cause early cracks.

Sealing the grout in your shower

Grout is a mixture of sand, cement, and the adhesive used to fill in the gaps between the tiles or to reinforce a structure. If the opening is left open, it will absorb water and humidity and will lead to mold and bacteria growth. We do grouting in several steps:

  • Choosing the right mixture – for significant gaps, we will use sand for shower grout repair service. If the opening is small or if you have polished marble, we will not use sand to avoid weakening the structure or scratching the surface. For the areas exposed to grease or acid, we will use an epoxy type grout, resistant to such agents.
  • Mixing – following the manufacturer’s instructions, we will mix the powder with water using a trowel, to obtain the right consistency.
  • Loading the grout – using an adequate grout float, we will apply the mixture only on the gaps, in a continuous movement, by pressing it down on the joints. During this phase, we will make sure that no air bubbles are left inside, as these may lead to a frail grout and cracks.
  • Cleaning – after 20 minutes we will remove the excess grout with a damp cloth or sponge, in a circular motion.
  • Wiping the tiles – we will allow enough time for the mixture to harden and then, with a damp microfiber cloth, we will remove all the excess grout from the tiles.
  • Finishing – after completing the grouting and for restoring the waterproofing, we will apply caulk or sealant. These will prevent mold from growing or any further water damages.

Can cracks in shower grout cause leaks?

Improper or damaged grouting and waterproofing will allow the water to infiltrate and create ponds below your bathtub. That is why it is essential to call a contractor specialized in shower grout repair service as soon as you notice some cracks.

At Prestige, we will not only do the grouting and waterproofing on the visibly affected areas but check for any other possible issues in your bathroom as well. We aim to provide quality services so that, next time when you will face a similar problem, you will rely on our assistance once more.

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Shower Grout Repair Service Shower Grout Repair Service Shower Grout Repair Service Shower Grout Repair Service

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