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When you’re faced with problems such as backflow and slow drain, then it’s time to call in a professional drain cleaner. A professional will clean your pipes to get rid of any materials blocking them and get them back to working order.

At Oaks Drain Service, we offer full Simi Valley drain service, whether it’s fixing your sink or mainline cleaning. We're available all day, every day and always have a team of professionals to send your way whenever you need them.

What Happens During A Professional Drain Cleaning?

A professional plumber will follow a routine that will leave your clogged drains clean. Usually, the plumber will use either of these cleaning methods:

  • Water Jetting

Here, the plumber uses a water jet to blast water through the drain pipes at high speed and pressure. This way, it’s able to strip away any built-up grease on the pipe walls and blast away clogs.

  • Power Snaking

Power snaking is used in small pipes that cannot handle water jets. This method pushes through clogs and disintegrates them. Since it’s not as powerful as the water jet, it’ll not strip the walls.

After cleaning, our professional plumber will give you a report of the cleaning method used, the severity of the clog, and the status of the drain after cleaning. Our plumber will also offer advice on maintenance and further repairs if necessary.

Both types of drain cleaning will clear up your drain pipes and sort out the clogging issue by getting rid of obstructive materials inside the pipes. At Oaks Drain Service, we bring you the best Simi Valley drain service. We’ll clean your drains and get rid of all the waste in your home through the mainline.

 Professional Drain Cleaning Equipment

Drain cleaning equipment helps professionals completely clear up drains, fix broken pipes, and conduct replacements. Common professional equipment include:

  • Debris Basket – This is a cleaning tool that’s lowered into a sewer to collect debris in the debris flow. It’s tied to a rope and placed at the bottom of the manhole, then used when cleaning the sewer through jetting, where nozzle extensions flow into the basket. The basket has a side hole where water drains out, leaving behind the debris.
  • Plumber’s Snake – These are electric drain cleaners that utilize mechanical force to twist a flexible cable and drive it into a pipe. The cable can be between a length of 40 meters to 80 meters. It’s able to reach long sections of the drain pipe and remove solid objects.

How Can You Prevent Clogs in Your Drain?

To avoid instances where you no longer use your drain, you can use the following measures to help you prevent clogs:

  • Have routine drain cleaning appointments with a drain cleaner who will water jet your pipes regularly. Doing this will keep your pipes free from any serious clog problems.
  • Use a drain catcher in your kitchen sink to keep food particles from going down the drain. If they do, they might cause blockages.

Drain Cleaning Services in Simi Valley

Oaks Drain Service is a licensed, bonded, and insured company that has been offering drain cleaning services to clients for two decades. We have the right equipment to get your drain flowing and keep it that way. Call us today on (805)492-0493 and request a free estimate for your Simi Valley drain service.

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