Five Essential Elements to Keep in Mind While Considering Bathroom Remodeling

When it comes to home renovation, homeowners go through hundreds of designs and themes just to get the perfect look for their home. After all, you don’t get to do such spendings more often!


Are you also thinking of renovating your home? Make sure you haven’t forgotten to include your bathroom in the make-over! The bathroom is a very important place in your home and that’s why bathroom remodeling must not be forgotten. 


Torres Renovation LLC is among the topmost bathroom contractors in Maryland and provides you with a range of bathroom remodeling services in Maryland. 


Before connecting with bathroom contractors in Maryland, let’s guide you with the most basic elements in bathroom remodeling that will help you get a bathroom that you have always dreamed of!

  • Color Scheme:

The color scheme is the most basic element of designing. When renovating your home, you must keep in mind a color scheme that goes well with all the places of your home, including the bathroom. For instance, if you have chosen a blue color scheme for your home, you might want the bathroom contractor to choose the suitable shade of blue for your bathroom tiles. The rest of the decor like paintings, washbasin, and such must also go well with the color scheme. 

  • Fixtures:

Renovation is all about changing or replacing old fixtures with new ones. Look closely at what fixture needs replacing. Is there a need to install a new sink or a new bathtub, or will they go with the new color and theme? Also, remember that replacing might need more time and budget, but renovation might be feasible. So, choose wisely.

  • Storage for Toiletries:

While looking for bathroom remodeling services in Maryland, you should contact a contractor who also remodels cabinets, counter-tops, flooring, and other accessories. Storage space is essential as you will be required to keep your towels and toiletries in your bathroom, so one cannot compromise on storage space. Build cabinets or shelves that can be easily opened and closed whenever you need them.

  • Functionality:

Do not think of bathroom remodeling as just a part of the renovation, but you should also consider functionality in your bathroom. The bathroom must not be cluttered with fancy items and must not hamper the utility of the bathroom. There must be space to move around in the bathroom; there should be a flow of traffic while renovating the bathroom. 

  • Proper Lighting: 

Many homeowners do not realize the importance of proper lighting in the bathroom, but it can light up your bathroom and create a great impression on your guests. The best bathroom contractors in Maryland consider lighting and make sure that it matches well with the rest of the house and decor. 
Bathroom remodeling adds value to your home and gives your home a unified style. If you are looking to spend money on a bathroom remodel project, then make sure you choose among the best bathroom contractors in Maryland. Torres Renovation LLC pledges to provide you with the best services in bathroom remodeling. With over 12 years of experience in the field, the company performs all work associated with remodeling bathrooms and kitchens including cabinets, counter-tops, flooring, and accessories. Don’t hesitate to contact us to enjoy top-class services!

Looking for Kitchen Renovation? Choose the Best Among these 5 Kitchen Layouts for Your Home

While considering a home renovation, most of the homeowners consider kitchen remodeling as one of the main highlights. While remodeling, a kitchen renovation contractor usually considers various aspects like the size, budget, and functionality. Your kitchen’s basic layout of how you have arranged the countertop, the appliances, or storage areas can completely turn around the look of your house. 


If you are also looking for a complete makeover of your kitchen, go for a professional kitchen renovation company like Torres Renovation LLC. 

While the company offers different kinds of kitchen layouts, it is wise for you to inform yourself and become familiar with some of these layouts.


There are five basic kitchen layouts for most kitchens – G, L, U, single, and galley. In this post, we’ll explain everything about these five kitchen plans so that you can choose the best among them for your home, and that too on a strict budget:


  • L-Shaped Kitchen Layout:

As the name suggests, the L-shaped kitchen layout consists of two workstations placed on adjacent walls creating a continuous L shaped counter space. The L-shaped kitchen gives the cook an efficient area for work, which is one of the main reasons why it is considered one of the most preferred kitchen layouts by homeowners. This layout is perfect for such homes where the kitchen opens to a nearby room. This layout allows the cook to be comfortable while interacting with the guests. 


  • U-Shaped Kitchen Layout:

 U-shaped kitchen layout is considered to be the most flexible design of all and if fit for all sizes of homes. This layout has the cook surrounded by three sides and efficiently provides the comfort of storage. In bigger homes, the cook gets ample space, and even two cooks can easily prepare a meal without getting into each other’s way. You can ask your kitchen renovation contractor to give you a spacious floor plan and multiple workstations for the cook.


  • G-Shaped Layout:

The G-shaped layout is basically a U-shaped kitchen with a little extra amount of peninsula on the fourth wall of the room. In this style too, the cook gets surrounded by three sides, but on the fourth side, they get additional space for a cabinet. As this layout might look quite compact, homeowners can open up the wall in the nearby room. It could create a pass-through, which could allow the passing of meals to the dining table. 


  • Single-wall kitchen: 

This layout is appropriate for smaller homes as it requires only one wall. Rather than having a ‘work-triangle’ just like other layouts have, a single-wall kitchen has a ‘work-line’ that has all the three kitchen zones along one wall. To add more storage space in such a layout, the kitchen renovation contractor can add additional storage by stacking cabinets on the walls such as wall-pantry pull-out and base-pantry pull out.


  • Galley kitchen layout: 

The galley kitchen layout consists of a floor plan, which has workstations facing each other on the parallel walls. In such a kitchen layout, maximize the storage by stacking the additional storage on both the walls.

Torres Renovation LLC, one of the leading renovation companies in Maryland, provides you with a top-class service. With more than two decades of experience in the industry, the company offers a range of services like kitchen and bathroom renovation, remodeling, patio design service, and much more. If you are looking for a unique kitchen makeover, select the best kitchen layout, and leave the rest on us!

A List Of Reliable And Enticing Flooring Options For Your Kitchen

The one part of your kitchen that is always on display is the floor and this is one of the main reasons why most of the homeowners are very much selective while picking the kitchen flooring. The type of flooring that you will choose for the kitchen will have a big job to do since it will be exposed to high traffic, spills, shrugs, stains and still look appealing.

Not all the materials that you usually find impeccable for flooring are suitable for the kitchen. But thankfully, there are lots of options out there in the market available for you to choose.

So, without any further ado, let’s look at the list of most reliable and enticing flooring options for your kitchen.


Hardwood floors are a perfect combination of both beauty and warmth and they are very soft under the foot as well. If you have an open floor plan then going with the hardwood floor will be the best option, especially if you want the flooring to go beyond your kitchen.

Even a good kitchen renovation contractor will suggest going with a hardwood floor and since they can last for about 100 years, you will not have to worry about their ability to withstand heat, spills, stain, and even heavy traffic. These types of flooring can be a bit expensive but their durability and opulent looks will make up for the cost.

Sheet Vinyl

This is a completely stain-proof and waterproof flooring and this is why homeowners find it suitable for their kitchen. There are many different options that you will get in vinyl sheets in terms of color, shape, and overall texture. The seams in this type of flooring are minimal because the size of the standard sheets is around 12-feet wide.

If you will ask an experienced kitchen renovation contractor about sheet vinyl then the first thing that they will tell you is it will feel very soft under your foot since it is a resilient type of flooring option. So, if you are looking for a cheap flooring option that wipes out the hassle of heavy maintenance and cleaning then sheet vinyl will be the best option.

Ceramic tiles

This type of flooring is basically made from natural clay that is shaped into tiles through heating and glazing. Because of its manufacturing process, the ceramic tiles are one of the most durable types of flooring options after hardwood. The best part about ceramic tiles is they are resilient to both breakage and heat and thus they will fit in like a glove in your kitchen.

You can get your ceramic tiles installed very easily by opting for a kitchen renovation company. Most of the good quality ceramic tiles can last for a very long period of time with some little changes in its overall appearance.


Concrete will be an impeccable choice for you if you have a ground-level kitchen. This is one of the most economical and long lasting flooring options that you can get in the market. In many cases, a concrete slab is already there beneath the flooring of your kitchen. And there are various ways these concrete slabs can be shaped, designed, and polished to look enticing and unique. But you will need the help of a kitchen renovation company to get the job done professionally.

And even if you don’t have a concrete slab under your old flooring, a kitchen renovation company will do a completely new pour over the subfloor surface.

Choosing the right flooring for your kitchen is essential as the flooring of your kitchen will be in a completely different condition than the rest of your house. So, go through your budget, kitchen ground level, and personal preference and choose the best kitchen flooring that will suit your needs.