Five Essential Elements to Keep in Mind While Considering Bathroom Remodeling

When it comes to home renovation, homeowners go through hundreds of designs and themes just to get the perfect look for their home. After all, you don’t get to do such spendings more often!


Are you also thinking of renovating your home? Make sure you haven’t forgotten to include your bathroom in the make-over! The bathroom is a very important place in your home and that’s why bathroom remodeling must not be forgotten. 


Torres Renovation LLC is among the topmost bathroom contractors in Maryland and provides you with a range of bathroom remodeling services in Maryland. 


Before connecting with bathroom contractors in Maryland, let’s guide you with the most basic elements in bathroom remodeling that will help you get a bathroom that you have always dreamed of!

  • Color Scheme:

The color scheme is the most basic element of designing. When renovating your home, you must keep in mind a color scheme that goes well with all the places of your home, including the bathroom. For instance, if you have chosen a blue color scheme for your home, you might want the bathroom contractor to choose the suitable shade of blue for your bathroom tiles. The rest of the decor like paintings, washbasin, and such must also go well with the color scheme. 

  • Fixtures:

Renovation is all about changing or replacing old fixtures with new ones. Look closely at what fixture needs replacing. Is there a need to install a new sink or a new bathtub, or will they go with the new color and theme? Also, remember that replacing might need more time and budget, but renovation might be feasible. So, choose wisely.

  • Storage for Toiletries:

While looking for bathroom remodeling services in Maryland, you should contact a contractor who also remodels cabinets, counter-tops, flooring, and other accessories. Storage space is essential as you will be required to keep your towels and toiletries in your bathroom, so one cannot compromise on storage space. Build cabinets or shelves that can be easily opened and closed whenever you need them.

  • Functionality:

Do not think of bathroom remodeling as just a part of the renovation, but you should also consider functionality in your bathroom. The bathroom must not be cluttered with fancy items and must not hamper the utility of the bathroom. There must be space to move around in the bathroom; there should be a flow of traffic while renovating the bathroom. 

  • Proper Lighting: 

Many homeowners do not realize the importance of proper lighting in the bathroom, but it can light up your bathroom and create a great impression on your guests. The best bathroom contractors in Maryland consider lighting and make sure that it matches well with the rest of the house and decor. 
Bathroom remodeling adds value to your home and gives your home a unified style. If you are looking to spend money on a bathroom remodel project, then make sure you choose among the best bathroom contractors in Maryland. Torres Renovation LLC pledges to provide you with the best services in bathroom remodeling. With over 12 years of experience in the field, the company performs all work associated with remodeling bathrooms and kitchens including cabinets, counter-tops, flooring, and accessories. Don’t hesitate to contact us to enjoy top-class services!

How To Remodel Your Bathroom

Remodeling your bathroom is a very easy yet effective way of sprucing up your home. But before you jump at the task, you should carefully plan how to do it correctly. Bathroom remodeling is a step by step process and you must budget in the time and the cost required for the entire process. 

You should exactly know what you are getting into.

How much does bathroom remodeling cost?

The average rate of a bathroom remodeling lies somewhere between $10,000 to $15,000in addition to the labor cost which is around 20% of the whole budget. If you want you may also do the bathroom remodeling all by yourself and save a few bucks. If you need a guide to remodel your bathroom yourself then you will gain some insights from this article. 

Steps for bathroom remodeling

The first thing about bathroom remodeling is design. You must pick a bathroom design that fits well with your vision and taste and isn’t out of scope of your skill set. This then calls for the help of professional bathroom remodeling contractors in Maryland. Bathroom remodeling contractors in Maryland can help you in completely renovating your bathroom or they can also give you advice on how to change your existing bathroom. It all depends upon the kind of services you want. 

For the design aspect of your bathroom you need to take care of the following components while renovating your bathroom:

  • The color scheme of the bathroom- Check out all the available colors and then take your time while picking out your favorite one. It is best to make a list of all your favorite colors and then shortlist them from the most to the least favorite. Also, the color scheme of your bathroom must align with the color of your bathroom tiles and the other design aspects. So make sure that you have all of this planned out well in advance. 
  • New fixes in your bathroom- While remodeling your bathroom you need to think of the space being renovated as a whole. Are you going to keep the same old stuff or are you going to replace them? Not just this, but with the changing times, there are many modular fittings available in the market that serve multiple purposes. Be sure to check out those and if needed you can also take the help of professional bathroom remodeling contractors in Maryland to fit the modular bathroom equipment. You would also need to pay attention to your budget so that the renovation does not go over budget and gets you into trouble later on. 
  • Storage spaces- Your bathroom is like the rejuvenation center of your home. You come home after a long tiring day at work and all you need is just a warm relaxing bath in your bathtub. Thus your bathroom should be spacious enough to keep all your towels and toiletries and allow free movement. It should not be a congested space and make sure that you can use cabinets to keep all your bathroom supplies in them. 
  • Location of utilities- Make a list of utility locations in your bathroom. This will help you in remodeling your bathroom easily and you will be able to fully use the space of your bathroom without any changes to be done in the later stages of remodeling.

Bathroom Remodeling- Adding a Value to your Home

If you are planning to spend on your new home decor, ensure that you pay heed to the areas you have to renovate the living room, the kitchen, and the bathroom. A renovated bathroom contributes to the value and desire of your home, making it a  place you’ll enjoy even more. If it doesn’t look like an updated bathroom, maybe it’s time for improvement. Even with little changes to it, you can almost feel a difference in the way things used to be as if you’re breathing new life into your space.

Your bathroom should be a hideaway from all the tireless activities of your life. Whether you want it to be clean, shining, and sauna-like or all cosy and comforting, the bathroom is no longer just a functional space. It should be a space where you can relax and de-stress after a long day.

Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom


  • Safety Reasons: Soiled tiles, walls full of spiderwebs, water leakages, and what not- some things show that the bathroom is not a safe place. People generally ignore cleaning tiles but what they don’t realize is that if they avoid it for a long time, the bathroom tiles might become slippery due to dirt and can break. Water leakages can make the walls damp and floor greasy, thus putting people’s lives at risk.
  • Increasing Sale Value: After a furnished kitchen, home buyers reckon the bathroom’s state as its impact profound. A bathroom in a more than satisfactory ambience will raise the value of the house. Thus, if you moving out of your house, do give a thought to remodel your bathroom to elevate the selling price.
  • Mold: Renovating a bathroom is proposed as a one-time investment, keeping in mind you have to work on improvements time and again, thus there lies a fear of increasing mold and mildew. However, a remodeled bathroom saves your time cleaning the area.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The bathroom is one of the rooms that face wear and tear the most. It is also possible that you have renovated other rooms of the house, and you left out your bathroom. To bring all your rooms to the same level, you will 


have to remodel the bathroom.

We are often told as to what needs to be done, however, it is equally important to understand how to do it.

What comes in your mind when you think of refurbishing your bathroom? Each one of us wants our homes to be perfectly furnished so is our bathroom that needs to be planned properly with utmost brainstorming these days.

A modernized bathroom appends worth to your home and results in a finer adjustment to your present requirements. Few of them are listed below to help you remodel your bathroom.


  • Concealed Cistern


Toilets accompanied by invisible tanks in which the water stowage vessel has various advantages mainly for a compact bathroom, where the design can extricate space. Also, their maintenance on a daily basis can be a tough chore as there is barely any access to the tank if the inner workings need attention.


  • Compact Shower Floor

With such a wide range of texture shower floors, it’s tiling also plays an important role as “Safety comes first”. Blend divergent designs and shades for topmost optical impact meeting its safety measures.


This is why you need a professional remodeling company like Torres Renovations LLC. Being a licensed company by the Maryland Home Improvement Commission, we have completed all our projects with the best in quality resources and utmost customer satisfaction. With over a decade of industry spanning experience to remodel using quality products and expert advice, we are your one-stop guide to provide assistance with the complete process, be it building the foundation of your home, or remodeling it to give it aesthetic feel. 

With time, you may feel the need to renovate your home, but perplexed whether to hire a professional or you know a DIY project? Well, it’s time to call attention to our attributes.

  • Experienced Designers – While completing any project, we ensure that every little aspect of the project is covered with great responsibility, thus, we have listed testimonials from our previous client
  • The kind of materials we use are durable and versatile, therefore you won’t get tired of the designs
  • Lastly, we cover all insured and license paperwork while handling your project, working with TORRES RENOVATIONS LLC will be completely safe and significant

Contact Torres Renovation LLC’s leading services today, book a consultation now!

Top Reasons To Go For Bathroom Renovation Without Any Second Thoughts

Bathrooms are undoubtedly one of the essential rooms in any house. It is not only one of those rooms that you use every day, but even while buying any house, most of the people check bathrooms and kitchens first. It doesn’t matter how well-built your bathroom is or how well you have maintained it; at some point in time, it will surely need complete or partial renovation.

Although there are many reasons to go for a bathroom remodel in Maryland, in this blog post, we have mentioned some of the most important reasons.


Everyone doesn’t have proper space or money to add a completely new bathroom to their house, but opting for expanding your current bathroom through a bathroom remodel in Maryland can prove to be a good alternative. There are many different types of bathroom remodeling done by the experts, but the most common one among them is to expand the existing bathroom by simply adding a large tub or even a shower. With growing family or changing family needs, you might need to expand your bathroom through a bathroom remodel, in Maryland, and this is an economical way to fulfill your current needs and add value to your house.

Fixing issues

Just like in the case of a kitchen renovation contractor, fixing issues is another reason to opt for the bathroom remodeling. Water leaks, rotting floor, and mold don’t only make your bathroom uninviting, but it also poses the risk of slip and fall along with health issues. If existing issues of bathrooms are not resolved immediately, then they can lead to much bigger problems. Just like a kitchen renovation contractor, bathroom remodeling experts are well versed in solving every type of issue in your bathroom. Even regular water leaks are a big issue for your bathroom, and you shouldn’t let these issues go unnoticed.

Becoming energy efficient

If you are looking forward to minimizing your energy bills and if you want to avoid wastage of energy, then going for bathroom remodeling will be the best idea. You can save money by installing energy-efficient bathroom products like showerheads, toilets, geysers. In the current era, saving costs on water, energy, and heating by using energy-efficient products has become very important for every person. A bathroom remodeling contractor can suggest energy-efficient products according to the condition and type of your bathroom and install it without any hassle.

Making it look better

You will surely get tired of the old look of your bathroom after a certain period, and the only way to get rid of the dull look is to go for bathroom renovation. You don’t need to go for complete bathroom renovation, as it might prove to be costly. Just add a set of new tiles or change the shower and bathtub along with other bathroom accessories that might give a completely fresh look to your bathroom. If you don’t have any idea how to make your bathroom look better, then you can contact a bathroom contractor, and after inspecting the current status of your bathroom, he will suggest economical ways to give a new touch to your existing bathroom.


There are many reasons to go for bathroom renovation, and it mainly boils down to what you want from your bathroom renovation. If you think that bathroom renovation will burn a hole in your pocket, then you should know that there are many inexpensive bathroom renovation contractors. Just choose the right bathroom renovation contractor and get things done professionally.

Top 3 Steps to planning a bathroom remodel

While a house demands for many repairs, remodeling your bathroom is one of the most value-adding services you can contribute towards your space. Remodeling your bathroom can turn your home or office quite modern and attract more clients if you are planning to resell the place. However, planning for remodeling is quite exhausting and time-consuming. 

But worry not! 

Many bathroom remodeling companies in Maryland can help you plan a complete structure of your new bathroom and execute the ideas further. 

Why should you plan for bathroom remodeling?

Many reasons lead to bathroom remodeling: broken tiles, loose pipes, dusty cabinets and countertops, resale of the house, or just mere change of the look replacing old accessories with modern choices. Whatever the reason may be, this is a crucial step, and you must not commence this housing project without proper research. 

Today we will discuss major steps that are necessary to follow while revolting your house or office bathroom to make the process easier for you.

Now, let us take a look at the major steps that will help you turn your bathroom into an aesthetic, leaving a great impression on your guests:

  • List the changes required.

While remodeling your bathroom, you have to take care of a lot of things such as lighting, tiles, shower, taps, etc. now, there may be a few things which seem perfectly fine, and that is when you should start preparing your list. This also helps you set a budget for your remodeling. Bathroom remodel Maryland-based experts also suggest adding demolition to the list and moving a few things here and there to change the bathroom look.

  • Look for ideas

With the abundant ideas on the internet in today’s era, you will have enough access to find inspiration to remodel your bathroom. Many bathroom remodeling companies in Maryland will also help you by displaying a few templates and designs for you to select the new look for your remodeled bathroom. A few ideas include the boho look, aesthetically pleasing, and the royal look. Yes, this step also involves playing with colors and tile designs.

  • Search for help

While doing everything yourself seems like a great initiative to become independent; sadly, the construction business does not allow such a scope. You must go through many different companies and ask the agent what they are willing to offer and within what budget before you start working with them. You can also see many designs available on each company’s business website or social media handles. So do not forget to scroll it all!

Well, surely, all designs are beautiful in their way! Thus, we recommend that not just for the construction, you must also contact help for planning and designing. Torres Renovation LLC, a bathroom remodel in Maryland based company can be your savior. They are very experienced in remodeling bathrooms and working on cabinets, accessories, and countertops.

Why Torres Renovation LLC?

Torres Renovation LLC is among the best bathroom remodeling companies in Maryland. They believe that one must only take advice from the best and the experienced. Timely completion of work and quality is what they offer, and one can rely on them blindfolded to fulfill these promises. While you spend so much time and money in remodeling your bathroom, make sure you assign the job to the best in town. 


 Well, the most important step is to have fun in the whole process and express your ideas fully!

Tips that will help you to improve your bathroom remodeling

Are those choked flushes and leaking taps a sign that your bathroom needs remodeling? Therefore, you are looking for the best company for the bathroom remodel in Maryland? Take a deep breath and relax because here we are to help you with this. 

Unlike other parts of the home, a bathroom too needs time to time maintenance and remodeling. Most of us want our bathroom to be designed in a way that reflects our personality and delivers comfort to our family. Torres Renovation LLC makes sure to provide you perfect remodeling designs that suit your personality and comfort. Today, we are sharing our best tips that can help you in better bathroom remodeling. Read them carefully to make your bathroom remodel a dream come true!

  • Take help from the professional bathroom planners:

Before you call any bathroom remodeling company, make sure to study them a little bit. Check their works and designs. Read the reviews of people and then make a wise decision. The bathroom is a great part of your home, and you cannot hire anybody to play with it. It’s important to hire someone experienced and dedicated to this work. A professional bathroom planner offers a vision to your dreams and turns it to reality, whereas an amateur can make the conditions worse for you and your family.

  • Prefer cabinets for good storage space:

Customize your bathrooms with beautiful cabinets, double-wide sinks, and floating vanities to give a stylish and practical look without spending a lot of money. Cabinets are necessary for bathrooms, sometimes even more than any part of the home. We usually design bathroom remodels in Maryland with huge cabinets and skinks. It helps you store emergency supplies, toiletries, linens, etc. making your bathroom more beautiful and functional. These cabinets can be made with different materials and designs depending upon the budget and space of the place. For instance, if you are making it with wood, prefer the ones that not only look beautiful but are moisture resistant too.

  • lighting can make it look better:

With all those installed fixtures and amenities, lighting has its great importance in emphasizing the design of your bathroom. The lighting should be elegant and bright enough to see everything clearly. Along with artificial light gives some importance to the natural light source i.e., sunlight. Sunlight is essential to kill those microbes growing in moisture and provide ventilation to your bathroom.

Luxurious lighting is not necessary; even well-designed vanity lighting looks amazing and eliminates the shadows on faces. LED recessed bulbs and lightings over the mirror are a great way to brighten up your bathroom in a low budget.

  • ventilation is important:

Ventilation is the most important thing that needs to be considered while remodeling, but unfortunately, most of us forget to leave some space for it. A bathroom without a proper ventilation facility is a home for molds and mildew that grows in moisture. This is not only unhygienic but harms the cabinet, fixtures, and amenities upgraded in your remodeled bathroom.

Get a good quality fan to ensure the circulation of air in your bathroom. A better idea is to place a fan that comes along with a timer so that you can set an hour timer after taking a shower and using your bathroom without worrying about switching it off before leaving home.

  • Pick durable yet timeless flooring:

There are a lot of options to select for your bathroom flooring but prefer the ones that are timeless as well as durable. Most importantly, the flooring should not be slippery and can be cleaned with a little wiping.

Ceramic, stone tiles, and Porcelain are a good choice if you want to make your bathroom look elegant and pleasing. Their water-resisting quality makes them a good choice for bathrooms. But when it comes to durability and style, no one can beat baseboard tiles that add a great finishing touch to your bathroom flooring.
Torres Renovation LLC helps you in every step of your bathroom remodeling. Feel free to ask us any questions regarding bathroom and kitchen remodeling.

5 Best Ways to Choose the Right Bathroom Tiles

Choosing tiles for your home is a tough job. Everyone wants their house to be beautifully decorated. Whether it be kitchen or bathroom tiles, it should be chosen carefully and wisely. When it comes to bathroom tiles and decorations, you need to consider the safety of  children or elders who aren’t able to handle slippery tiles.

Here are five things to consider when choosing the right floor tile for your bathroom remodeling project in Maryland:

1) Choose the first tile in your priority list

Whenever we think of home renovations, we all have set priorities for the tiles that we need. In the case of bathroom tile selection, choose the tile that is a must for your bathroom. It could be anything like a pattern of black and white as an accent wall  or having the same uniquely crafted tile on the wall. Pick that as the first and then think about the rest of the designs.

2) Try to choose a lesser number of tiles

Stay with your first choice for the entire design, then use it to go further with your innovations. If you want a unique pattern like a colorful blend of tiles or black and white shaded picturesque, go for it. Just make sure you don’t select too many colors which gets difficult to blend later. Most commonly, you select a tile for the floor, tile for the wall, and a tile for the shower. This is a normal procedure, not a hard and fast rule. If you are sure with whatever you do, then there is no problem if you don’t follow the typical procedure.

3) Make sure you have one show stopper

There are many beautiful options available for bathroom tiles with several patterns and designs. A bathroom can be a place to showcase who you are. It shows a glimpse of your personality so don’t get too clumsy. Go for one single showstopper. This will make you look worthy and make an impression in front of your friends. The showstopper can be cover a larger or smaller part of your bathroom, depending on your wish and imagination. A simple design can get its charm by an amazing choice of a show stopper. Think wisely before finalizing a show stopper. With Torres Renovation LLC, all your worries about the best bathroom tiles are completely under control.

4) Maintenance is a must

Cleanliness is an issue when there is a wide selection of bathroom tiles. No one wants to spend a lot of time cleaning tubs and bathrooms, so porcelain or ceramic tile would be a good choice. They require the least amount of maintenance and looks good as well. Tiles from natural stone generally need more maintenance and protection.They have a porous texture so they bind the dust and dirt particles more easily. If you are fascinated by the stone then put it in the ports which don’t get wet easily. Glass tiles are slippery but it’s a bad choice for floor coverage,

5) Consider scale.

Try to use the optimum size of tiles of the bathroom. You can go for 12×24 tiles on the floor. The same tile could be used on the bathroom floor in 2×2. Just measure your bathroom and choose it accordingly.

Some Last Words

You might feel stuck facing the consequences of choosing the wrong tile for your bathroom. Not to worry, these were the best of the many ways to choose a perfect tile for your bathroom. Just go with your imagination. Torres Renovation LLC understands all the requirements and provides with best revamping solution. They are the best company to provide bathroom remodel in Maryland.

4 Telltale Signs That Your Home Needs Bathroom Remodeling

Your bathroom is one of the most important parts of your house. It has a huge impact on the resale value of your home, and it can also be a source of comfort and relaxation. Say you come home after a tiring day and find that your shower is not functioning properly. This will cause frustration and probably a lack of sleep!

Bathroom remodeling is a popular choice among homeowners because it restores the essence of your bathroom while improving aesthetics and comfort.

We are one of the leading bathroom contractors in Maryland and we get this question quite often – “How do I know that my bathroom needs remodeling?”

There are many signs you can look for to determine if your bathroom needs remodeling.

Weird Smell

If your bathroom has a strange odor, even after regular cleaning, it may be due to leaks or mildew growth. Do your bathroom walls have water patches? Instead of painting over the problem, opt for bathroom remodeling. It will give you a more permanent solution.

Worn Out Tiles

Another telltale sign that you need bathroom remodeling is cracked and broken tiles. If your tiles are starting to crack around your sink and shower, or on the floor, your bathroom needs remodeling. Merely getting your tiles fixed won’t fix the issue. Other tiles will break eventually and you may find yourself in the same situation again.

Outdated Bathroom Decor

This is one of the most important signs you’re due for bathroom remodeling. Over time, the decor of your bathroom will become outdated and take on a dull appearance. No matter how many times you change the lights, your bathroom will always feel boring and aged. Bathroom remodeling will give you the upgrades you desire, restoring the aesthetics of the bathroom and making it look brand new.

Less Storage Space, High Energy Consumption

Does your bathroom always feel crowded? Maybe you feel like there are too many things in your bathroom and there is no space left to keep your towels and clothes!

Is your bathroom consuming too much electricity? A slowly leaking faucet can waste hundreds of gallons of water over time.

Maybe you have an old-fashioned heating system that is consuming too much electricity.

Bathroom remodeling will create more space and upgrade your bathroom to the latest technology.

Torres Renovations, LLC has over 12 years of experience in bathroom remodeling and is licensed by the Maryland Home Improvement Commission. Looking for bathroom contractors in Maryland? Call us at (240)-750-3931 or fill in this form to get a free quote from us today!

Tips for Remodeling Your Bathroom on a Budget

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of your home. If you’ve been a homeowner for years and you’ve decided to finally tackle that bathroom remodeling project, you probably already know that the whole process can be a little overwhelming. There is so much to accomplish, including selecting the design changes, choosing the right materials and fixtures, and deciding on the right bathroom remodeling company. Plus, you want to keep costs low!

People often postpone their remodeling projects due to budget limitations. We hope this article gives you some really useful tips on how to cut costs on your bathroom remodeling project without compromising on what you want.

Why Bathroom Remodeling?

To start with, the bathroom, along with kitchen and living room, is one of the key areas that impacts the resale value of your house. It must have proper lighting, upgraded features such as the latest water heating system, easy to clean tiles, and much more.

Even if you are not planning to sell your house anytime soon, the comfort of your bathroom matters a lot. Your bathroom should feel refreshing, clean and relaxing. It must be spacious with enough room to store your toiletries.

Bathroom remodeling can bring your bathroom into the 21st century, effectively improving the resale value of your house and making your house look – and feel – new.

Keep in mind – you should ALWAYS read client reviews on companies offering bathroom remodeling in Gaithersburg, MD before hiring them.

Remodeling Tips For Your Bathroom

Make A List

This is one of the tasks you should complete during the initial planning stages. Make a list of items/things you want to change in your bathroom. Give equal priority to aesthetics and functionality. This list will help you make up your mind on changes you want for your bathroom.

The Trick is in the Paint

The color you choose for your bathroom might not seem important, but the right palate can make or break the aesthetic of the room. The overall look of your bathroom depends a lot on the colors you choose for the walls and vanities. Vintage grey is a nice choice and fits in any surrounding but you can also go with brighter colors to give the room a fresh feeling.

Plumbing Customizations

You can definitely opt for custom plumbing without breaking the bank. For example, instead of changing the whole toilet, you can replace just its lid and seat. This will help you cut a significant amount from your remodeling project. Similarly, you can leave the water pipes as they are and replace or mend the fixtures such as faucets and showerheads.

Make Room For Natural Lighting

Lighting is one of the areas where people often spend their remodeling budget. Instead of purchasing high-end lights, see if you can make room for more natural light in your bathroom. Also, make sure to check the wiring system in your bathroom for safety. This will not only help you to save on your bathroom remodeling budget but also on monthly electricity bills.

These are just a few ideas you can follow to successfully complete your bathroom remodeling project on a budget. A reputed remodeling company can help you in planning a wallet-friendly remodeling plan for your bathroom.

Torres Renovation, LLC has more than 12 years of experience in providing bathroom remodeling and is licensed by the Maryland Home Improvement Commission. Looking for bathroom remodeling in Gaithersburg, MD? Call at (240)-750-3931 or fill in this form to reach out to us today!

How to Give Your Bathroom a Brand New Makeover

A bathroom can make or break the aesthetic of a home. You may have a beautiful home that’s visually attractive and has everything in order, but with a bathroom that looks like it has been neglected. Your guests might form opinions of your home based on your bathroom because it’s a more personal space. If you are looking to remodel your bathroom, we suggest a few makeover ideas that you can put into place with the help of your a contractor providing bath remodeling in Maryland.

Minimal Design

A minimal design works in almost any house. Use a calming color pattern in the bathroom and get rid of anything that’s too vibrant. Add a small flower pot with fresh flowers in it for a balance and more cheery vibe. Install proper lighting in the space and choose a fur carpet that can adorn the beau monde vibes of your bathroom. Bathroom contractors in Maryland can help you to creating these beautiful spaces.

All Things Marble

The marble trend is still quite popular, and you can’t go wrong with this choice. This classic theme can instantly change the entire look of your bathroom. Change your countertops to a white marble finish. You can stop there if you want; even changing the countertop alone can make a massive difference to your bathroom. If you want to do more, go for a white high gloss vanity mirror and soap dispenser with marble detailing. White marble not only makes the bathroom look cleaner and more pleasant, but it also gives an illusion of space.

Gold Detailing

Gold accents can lift the mood of a space instantly. Add a touch of gold to your bathroom to make it look more luxurious and lavish. Every little detail matters, so go for gold candles, photo frames with a dash of gold in them, and anything that catches your eyes with a little bit of white and gold detailing. Don’t go overboard! Try to make it as visually attractive as you can. Get new flooring done and go for something that reflects light beautifully and livens up the space.

Black and White

Black and white can be a tricky design choice. However, if you are someone who is going for bath remodeling in Maryland, then you are in the right hands. Bathroom contractors in Maryland can pull off this more complicated look. To make your bathroom more of black and white theme, it’s essential that you strike the right balance between these two colors. You can make the color white more dominant and add color black to bigger things in the space to make an impact. For example, go for white walls, flooring, and countertops, while choosing using black on the toilet seat and door. By using white as the base and black on the larger accents, you don’t lose the spaciousness of the room.