Top Reasons To Go For Bathroom Renovation Without Any Second Thoughts

Bathrooms are undoubtedly one of the essential rooms in any house. It is not only one of those rooms that you use every day, but even while buying any house, most of the people check bathrooms and kitchens first. It doesn’t matter how well-built your bathroom is or how well you have maintained it; at some point in time, it will surely need complete or partial renovation.

Although there are many reasons to go for a bathroom remodel in Maryland, in this blog post, we have mentioned some of the most important reasons.


Everyone doesn’t have proper space or money to add a completely new bathroom to their house, but opting for expanding your current bathroom through a bathroom remodel in Maryland can prove to be a good alternative. There are many different types of bathroom remodeling done by the experts, but the most common one among them is to expand the existing bathroom by simply adding a large tub or even a shower. With growing family or changing family needs, you might need to expand your bathroom through a bathroom remodel, in Maryland, and this is an economical way to fulfill your current needs and add value to your house.

Fixing issues

Just like in the case of a kitchen renovation contractor, fixing issues is another reason to opt for the bathroom remodeling. Water leaks, rotting floor, and mold don’t only make your bathroom uninviting, but it also poses the risk of slip and fall along with health issues. If existing issues of bathrooms are not resolved immediately, then they can lead to much bigger problems. Just like a kitchen renovation contractor, bathroom remodeling experts are well versed in solving every type of issue in your bathroom. Even regular water leaks are a big issue for your bathroom, and you shouldn’t let these issues go unnoticed.

Becoming energy efficient

If you are looking forward to minimizing your energy bills and if you want to avoid wastage of energy, then going for bathroom remodeling will be the best idea. You can save money by installing energy-efficient bathroom products like showerheads, toilets, geysers. In the current era, saving costs on water, energy, and heating by using energy-efficient products has become very important for every person. A bathroom remodeling contractor can suggest energy-efficient products according to the condition and type of your bathroom and install it without any hassle.

Making it look better

You will surely get tired of the old look of your bathroom after a certain period, and the only way to get rid of the dull look is to go for bathroom renovation. You don’t need to go for complete bathroom renovation, as it might prove to be costly. Just add a set of new tiles or change the shower and bathtub along with other bathroom accessories that might give a completely fresh look to your bathroom. If you don’t have any idea how to make your bathroom look better, then you can contact a bathroom contractor, and after inspecting the current status of your bathroom, he will suggest economical ways to give a new touch to your existing bathroom.


There are many reasons to go for bathroom renovation, and it mainly boils down to what you want from your bathroom renovation. If you think that bathroom renovation will burn a hole in your pocket, then you should know that there are many inexpensive bathroom renovation contractors. Just choose the right bathroom renovation contractor and get things done professionally.

Tips To Remodel Your Kitchen on a Budget

A kitchen renovation is an expensive affair. It requires homeowners to spend an astonishing amount on adding luxuries and contemporary updates. Using top-grade stone countertops, cabinets, cooktop, and designer faucets can dig a hole in your pocket. It can make your overall home improvement project a financial burden. But fret not guys! Take a sigh of relief. There are ample of cost-effective options available out there. 


So, before you dig down to drain your savings, consider below mentioned professional tips from a top kitchen renovation company to face-lift your kitchen within budget. 

Try to keep it simple: 

If adding new cabinets is necessary, then pick ready-to-assemble stock models over custom cabinets. Stock cabinets cost lower and are available in limited styles and patterns. But you can still find options aligning your kitchen remodeling needs. More importantly, they will aptly fit into your budget. The stock line cabinets are less sophisticated and utilitarian. With their simple design and fresh appeal, these cabinets serve as the perfect option for cost-efficient kitchen renovation.

Similarly, for appliances, you can choose efficient mass-market products that are affordable yet effectual in performance and appeal. 

Take a professional’s help:

A remodeling task done right can infuse new life into your outdated kitchen. However, to accomplish this, you need a professional’s guidance. Hiring a kitchen renovation company can help you plan your project in a better way. They can make efficient use of your space while making things fit into your budget. Moreover, the valuable advice from professional designers will assist you in investing in quality items that durable as well as functional. So, rather than wasting time, efforts, and money on your DIY tricks, consider seeking professional designer’s help. 

Retain the same layout: 

If possible, do not attempt to alter your kitchen layout. This is because updating plumbing fixtures, changing electric elements, relocating gas ranges, and moving walls can lead to a spike in remodeling expenditures. So, make sure to keep the position of these elements intact. This will save the cost of demolition and reconstruction, and will also reduce the amount of dust and debris generated.

However, if doing so improves the functionality of your space, proceed to change the layout without hesitation. And if you are not sure whether the changing layout will be effective or not, seek professional help from a kitchen renovation company.

Work with licensed and certified kitchen remodeling professionals : 

Choosing licensed and certified kitchen remodeling professionals can provide your kitchen with a good renovation within your available budget. Moreover, when you choose certified services, there is a minimal risk of damage to your property. You can stay rest assured about the end outcome. Doing so will enable you to save a considerable amount in the long run.

  Do a little yourself:

If you can spare time and are acquainted with the know-how of certain kitchen remodel tasks, then you can cut down the cost by:

– Painting walls, doors, and window frames on your own.

– Reducing labor and disposal charges by removing old cabinets, appliances, and countertops on your own.

What’s next? 

Hence, following the aforementioned kitchen, renovation tips can truly help you save a lot. You can enjoy pleasurable outcomes without crossing your set budget line. Well, do not forget that if you want to reap the optimum results, hire a trusted kitchen renovation company like Torres Renovation LLC.


At Torres Renovation, we have a team of experienced professionals who use their skills to get your renovation task done right. Additionally, our services are affordable, so with us, budgeting a renovation project is not an issue.

Tips for Minimalist Kitchen Decoration

Quantity is not always beautiful; sometimes, it’s messy and confusing. ‘Big rooms’ and ‘big spaces’ are losing their importance with increasing population, and it is where minimalist ideas sound music to our ears, especially if it is followed by a creative touch.

There are many of us who fume about spaces, yet are never satisfied. In particular, if it is their favorite corner, the kitchen. Well, who is the culprit here? Nay, not you, nor anybody else, it’s just that we need to add some creative magic to the minimalist kitchen with a minimalist decoration. 

Hey, do not leave in the mid, stay glued and scroll down to our tips for minimalist kitchen decoration before jumping to any kitchen renovation company:


  • De-clutter is the ‘forever basic’


Can you learn and grow with a de-cluttered mind? Of course not, and so cannot your kitchen! Declutter your kitchen to make it spacious and breathable. Throw out that old coffee maker machine, chili cutter, that bunch of knives that you hardly use, and the half working mixer. If they are of no use, they ought not to live in your kitchen; they’re dead, you have to throw them all. This is the basic principle of minimalist living and minimalist decoration. 


  • The color that would suit your kitchen


Now that your kitchen looks spacious, it’s time to decide about the color of your kitchen. Or how you want to see your kitchen to be decked up in? Is it going to be orange, a classic white, a sunny yellow or chocolate brown? You can also take the help of a color catalog to decide about the color of your very favorite kitchen corner. If you are aware of color therapy, you must be aware of colors that make a room look larger. 


  • Start with the sink


The next thing to target is the ‘sink’ and the facets of your kitchen. Replace your sink and the taps with brand new and modern faucets. You can choose from various designs from small to sleek as per your choice. For the sink, you can replace your old marbled pit with a brand new steel or aluminum sink- which is easy to clean and maintain. 


  • The cabinets and drawers


For a small kitchen, it is imperative to keep your things in a well-organized manner, so that it is not only beautiful to look at but also to search for things that are usually lost in a huge pile of utensils or other things. Bring in modern cabinets to keep things like plates, bowls, jars, and cups at a fixed place. If knobs create a real problem and pop off very often, you can buy cabinets that have handles to hold them to pull and push. 


  • Arrange all the items as per your comfort


Organizing things can be a real tedious task and consume much of your time and effort even if you have arranged them all. But the problem will not persist if you keep things right at their correct spot. If you do not like bending enough or standing on your toes every now and then to grab things, place the frequently used utensils and food processors in the cabin for which you can reach very easily without making much effort. Make sure they are not visible; try fitting them in your brand new, ever-stylish cabinets. 


  • Add colors, plants, and rugs 


You can place tiny plant pots on the empty racks or spaces; you can also keep them near to your window. It will enhance the look of your kitchen. Also, adding a small colorful rug will do the job. The rug will also add warmth to the kitchen. If you have a habit of forgetting things, you can hand a small square pinboard on an empty wall and pin them with colorful papers with the list of things to be bought or whatever you think is important for you. Keep colorful pens to add more colors. 
A small piece of advice: Remove the extras from your kitchen, do not overdo things, and let the light flow and settle in. To know more about styling your kitchen, you can visit Torres Renovation LLC, which is a top kitchen renovation company you can always rely on.

Top 7 Tips to Find the Best Countertops for your Kitchen

Choosing the best countertop is a difficult choice. Having the right amount of space with all the convenience is tough to achieve. Kitchens are the most important part of the house and the countertops are the main active area. There are a lot of options available in the market such as quartz, marble, granite, or more., Making the right choice is a tedious task. Since selecting the right kitchen countertop element is a tiring task, Here are some suggestions to help you with the task. These points are normally explained only by the top kitchen renovation company among all.

7 Best tips to get the best countertops for your kitchen

The important seven tips you should consider while choosing your kitchen countertops.

  • Know Your priorities in material

Imagine you woke up from a dream about how your kitchen should look. It is good to have a nice imagination. Kitchen countertop materials should not have many pores and should be resistant to cracks and water, or else it will get difficult for you to work. Some countertops can require more maintenance for it to be long-lasting. Seek required assistance from Torres Renovation LLC the prominent name in the field of modern kitchen renovations.

  • Choose a material that suits your lifestyle

Granite kitchen countertops can be very expensive if they need to be restored and repaired. But other kitchen countertop materials like quartz and laminate are much more -maintenance. These materials are  less expensive to repair and can provides a contemporary look without too much responsibility in terms of maintenance.

  • Consider Your Home Layout

Since the kitchen is the soul of the house, it should bind the whole house together as a convenient and common area. The layout of your home should be stylish as well as comfortable. It will help in creating a colorful kitchen that matches the countertops.

  • Deem about your budget 

One of the many aspects of choosing a  a countertop for your kitchen is the budget. You need to carefully search for different options in the market to choose the best suitable one for you. It is a well-known fact that all that shines is not always pure gold. Sometimes the countertops are very expensive and have hefty price tags but in reality, they are not worth the price. So research all the options properly. Also, seek advice from some experts in the field to find the best option in your budget.

  • Research the Various sink types

There are two types of sinks:

  • Over Mounted:  the sink is dropped down from the countertops. These types of sink present a traditional look and are easy to install in the countertops.
  • Under Mounted: the edge of the sink is mounted under the countertop. This is the new and modern style which helps ensure proper and easy cleaning of the countertops. These types of sinks provide a symmetrical look to your kitchen and more space for working.

Before choosing a countertop, decide the type of sink you are going to choose for your kitchen. This will help you incorporate  ideas that help improve the look and will make the selection process easier.

  • Maintenance: 

Overall maintenance is an important aspect while choosing the countertop for your kitchen. As the kitchen is the place where you cook all your meals, it is key that the overall look is elegant and all the things can be easily reached in the environment. You may also seek the assistance of the best kitchen renovation company.

  • Overall aesthetics

The kitchen is the place where all the meals are prepared. So, the overall aesthetics of the place must be simple yet elegant in a unique way. This will create positive feelings in the environment, which in result, will help lighten the mood of the individuals working in the space.

Some last words

Countertops can easily improve the overall aesthetics of the kitchen. So, make sure you go through different options in the market and select the best choice for your kitchen. You can trust that you will receive the best service with Torres Renovation LLC which has an excellent team of designers and renovators who go the extra mile to give a new look to the entire place.

Top 7 Ideas for Kitchen Renovations

In every home, everyone gives special attention to the kitchen. No matter if you’re cooking area is small or large, contractors today can give a modern look to your kitchen. A lot of ideas are available to properly restore the kitchen but we are often confused about what services to choose from. Below, I provided some tips and tricks to remodel your kitchen from the best kitchen renovation company. 

Best ideas to Modernizing the Kitchen Remodeling MD

The points given below will make your kitchen renovation easier:

Upgrade the kitchen appliances

The best way to update the kitchen appliances can be achieved using energy-efficient appliances. ENERGY STAR certified appliances can significantly reduce the electric bill. The kitchen appliances include a microwave oven, refrigerator, and dishwasher. There are so many technological advancements and options available in the modern refrigerators for better access. Also, a new range of advanced technology such as e microwave ovens,  and water-saving dishwashers is available. Energy star qualified refrigerators use up to 40 percent less than the conventional models.

Usually, the dishwashers may not use as much electric power as a refrigerator. But the need for water and electricity to run a dishwasher process adds up. The certified model will be 12 percent efficient than old. 


The backsplash can steal the spotlight from the oven cooktop and sink plates. A designer backsplash will easily help to enhance the beauty of the cookery. There are various materials ready that include ceramic, glass and marble for your next renovation.  Unfortunately, glass and natural stones are more pleasing to the eye but they’re difficult to maintain. The ceramic and porcelain are made from clay. In the case of porcelain, the material is durable against damage, resistant to environmental conditions and more compact. Travertine needs sealing every two years, but it should be a better option. Mix your designs with multiple colors to round out a palette. 


The two main points to be considered while flooring a kitchen is easy maintenance and long-lasting designs. Also, it should be easy to clean when spills occur  such as wine, sauce, oil or other materials. The ideal flooring options include:

  • Tile
  • Carpet tile 
  • Bamboo
  • Rubber flooring 
  • Hardware laminate 

The above flooring methods are easy to install, uninstall, eco-friendly, versatile, durable and attractive. The best flooring selection is based on your requirements and needs. All new kitchen flooring methods are designed in terms of ergonomics to the customers. Torres Renovation LLC will provide you the best services to implement this without any hassle.

Paint perfect

Elegant colors provide a better cooking environment in the kitchen. Feng shui inspired colors to make things cool, comfortable and neutral. Also, painting with all black and white color gives a pleasant eye-soothing look. Light colors provide a better look and are very soothing to the eyes.


Cabinets increase the storage capacity of the kitchen. So, it is necessary to remodel your cabinets according to your requirements. Remodeling doesn’t mean to install expensive materials, trust in inexpensive methods to introduce new designs.. S One of the low-cost methods is handcrafting wood cabinet pulls. Above that, one shall go for cabinet refacing as it is a cheaper option and can easily give a different look to your kitchen. For this, Torres Renovation LLC’s services can be of immense help for a professional service on the spot.

Gorgeous countertops

Many countertops are available in the form of materials like laminate, stainless steel, solid surfaces and etc. Quartz is the best option when comparing with others because it provides a trendy look. These countertops totally change the look of your kitchen and provide a modern style.

Kitchen lights

Last but not least, kitchen lights provide the final and complete touch of renovation. One can make choices among fluorescent lights, warm yellowish light, halogen light and incandescent light. Incandescent lights provide a soft look to your surroundings and gentler on the eyes.

Some Last Words

These ideas should definitely give a stunning appearance to your kitchen. Besides these options, you can always use your imagination to renovate your kitchen to meet your needs. Rely on the services of Torres Renovations LLC, who will be your partner in Kitchen renovations by accomplishing your dream kitchen without any hassle.

DIY Ideas to Revamp Your Kitchen

Cooking is an activity that can fill you up with great excitement and lets you show off your creativity through food but only if the surroundings contribute to your excited state of your mind. We often overlook the kitchen when it comes to revamping or making small changes to spruce up space.

Why you might ask? It’s because our guests are usually entertained in the living room and during their stay, they may even occupy the washroom. The kitchen is a private and personal space that we often tend to forget to update.

If you are someone who is enthusiastic about cooking, then you would agree that it gets dreary to cook in the same drab space. Consider adding a few things to your kitchen to make it look lively and refreshed. If you don’t want to experiment, you can connect with any kitchen renovation company to assist you. 

Torres Renovations is a kitchen renovation company you can trust.

Why should you DIY?

Kitchen transformations may cost you an arm and a leg, so unless your kitchen requires construction or remodeling, you can try out some easy ways to give your space a refreshing brand new look. After all, who doesn’t want to save money? 

But let’s also look at the other side of the story- DIY revamping tips can sometimes go wrong, and you may end up wasting your time and money. So, if you are not confident about doing the work yourself, you should hire professionals.  

Get ready to be creative and give your kitchen a facelift with these quick add-ons that will help transform your kitchen space.

A makeover for those solid colored walls

Walls are often considered our canvas, and there’s no denying that we can apply our creativity best on the walls because of the area we get in abundance. Get an instant personality boost for your kitchen by covering those solid colored walls with floral, subtle, and vibrant wallpapers. 

You can also try some stencil art to add an artistic touch to your kitchen walls.

Switch to pendant lights

Wall-mounted lights are overused and give a dull appearance. It’s time you update to pendant lights, which offer you enough brightness to complete your tasks. Pendant lights also affect the ambiance of the space. Wondering how? 

You must have visited restaurants where they mostly use pendant lighting to enhance their decor. Adding pendant lighting makes the decor look artsy. 

Add some color

Colors can change the mood of any space. Make a statement by adding pop colors to your decor. For example, add bright stools, rugs- or choose a vibrant color for the cabinet doors.

If you want to maintain the right balance of color in your kitchen and you’re not ready to do it yourself, you can approach a professional kitchen renovation company to fulfill the task.

Add some greens

Yes, you heard it right! Add some greens…no, not to your diet but in your kitchen space. Plants are natural mood boosters and can add a breath of fresh air into your space. 

You can go for the herb-plants that can be used in your recipes like curry leaves, basil, and a green chilies plant. These plants change the ambiance of your kitchen while also keeping your spices handy.

Another creative tip would be to pull out your fancy appliances and dishes from the cabinet/drawer and put them on display to achieve a new look for your kitchen. All you have to do is add some fixtures which you can hang your kitchen utensils.

These quick and easy DIY tips require less effort but can result in a significant transformation. When are you planning on trying any of these tips?

Things You Should Know Before You Start a Kitchen Renovation Project

Deciding to renovate your kitchen does not come easy. The thought of disrupting your daily life by dealing with dust, grime and accompanying inconvenience is enough to procrastinate the project. Sometimes, it can get really crazy in the kitchen – the coffee maker refuses to work, the stove has only one burner working or the microwave completely malfunctions in the morning. Even if all the appliances function, it could be that you cannot work efficiently and smoothly anymore in the kitchen as all the space is crammed up. You know that there is no path left except the renovation path. 

The situation at that point might look drastic but it doesn’t need to be that way. If you take some time to breathe and plan it out, you can get it done smoothly and emerge as a winner! As a highly reputable and experienced kitchen renovation company, Torres Renovation experts share some vital tips to help you plan the right way before starting your kitchen renovation.  

Decide on your budget. 

It is essential to allocate a budget for kitchen renovation and make an extra effort to stick to it. Like all other niches, you are spoilt for choices in every budget range. When you start hunting, leafing through magazines, window shopping; you might find yourself tempted to add a leeway in almost everything. Before you even realize it; your cash reserves have drained away without also getting the basics covered. You must have some extra reserve, but it should be used only in extreme conditions. Sticking to your budget will help the project move smoothly and uninterrupted.  

Hire a professional 

This may seem obvious, but you will be surprised at how many people think of it as an extra cost! The truth is that hiring an experienced and credible kitchen renovation company will prove to be the smartest decision you ever make. Keeping your budget and needs in mind, they will develop an innovative and customized kitchen design that keeps your current kitchen plan included as well. They help you plan in the best manner possible so that the maximum of your goals, if not all, are met.  

Design of the kitchen 

It is critical to plan out the kitchen design and its functionality in advance before you even begin shopping. You must see the bigger picture and plan all the details without losing sight of it. The layout needs to have proper details, down to the place for each electrical appliance and even your waste bin. The design of the kitchen needs to be an eclectic amalgamation of beauty and functionality. For instance, you might want more natural light inside the kitchen or an area to entertain your guests. All your goals and aims would play a crucial role.  

Deciding on the materials  

 Once you have the design, you need to decide on all materials, fixtures, lightings and etc. Most people prefer a granite or marble countertop. Based on the extent of your kitchen use, the amount of cooking daily, budget and various other considerations – expert kitchen renovation companies can guide you on the best materials and brands so that you make smart buying decisions.  

Time frame 

The kitchen is not an area that you can overlook and live comfortably in a house for a long time. Hence, you must decide on the time frame with your kitchen renovation company beforehand. Planning the renovation work and time frame should be done in such a way that you face minimum hassle and inconvenience. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to stay prepared for some extra time as you are bound to face unexpected troubles that might extend the project time.  


A kitchen renovation project can only turn out as a ‘dream come true’ reality when planned right to the minute details. Torres Renovation has a proven track record in this department. Feel free to browse our portfolio on our website. Contact us today, to know how our personalized and pocket-friendly solutions can help you transform your kitchen!

Top Reasons for Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is a common area for many household activities. It isn’t just a place where we cook and eat, it’s the soul of a home.  This is where friends and family members gather during events, where evening gossip sometimes continues on until midnight, where major decisions and plans for the next day are done. According to builders, the kitchen is the center of a home. A well-built kitchen enhances the look and feel of a house ten times fold. This is the reason why more than 25% of home renovation projects are for the kitchen.

The modern-day market is full of equipment and luxury materials that can enhance the looks and functionally of your kitchen. But this is not always the reason behind kitchen renovation as different people come with different reasons for kitchen remodeling like flooding, dated appliances and sometimes just because people love remodeling. No matter what your reason is, remodeling your kitchen through a kitchen renovation company is always a good idea. So, let’s go over some of the top reasons for kitchen renovations. 

Degrading Conditions

Most people love spending time in their kitchen but to run the house smoothly, your kitchen needs to function well. Therefore, it is vital to carry out maintenance regularly. You will never no longer have to jiggle the cabinet handle or trip in the kitchen because of the cracked floor. If your kitchen’s condition continues to deteriorate, then it will no longer be considered as your favorite part of the house. So, if you are witnessing your kitchen fall apart due to deterioration, then remodeling would be the best idea.

Saving Energy

You should know that a major portion of the overall energy consumption of your house comes from the kitchen. Hence, you need to ensure that your kitchen is energy-efficient. An energy-efficient kitchen not only helps you save money but also increases the life of our planet as well. This is the reason why energy-saving renovations are the top motivating factors behind kitchen remodeling.  If you are able to replace the artificial lighting with skylights, then you will surely be able to save energy without much effort. Equipping your kitchen with modern energy-saving equipment through renovations is always a great idea.

To fit your lifestyle

You might have shifted to a new house and everything is fine except for the kitchen which was made to fit the needs of the previous owner. In such cases, people go towards remodeling so that it can fit the specific needs of individual family members since one size fits all doesn’t apply to kitchen layouts.  In addition, a growing family needs to stay in tune with their kitchen needs while keeping the safety of the baby a top priority when it comes to kitchen renovations.

Increase the resale value

The resale value of a house mainly depends on the location, area, and condition of the home but homeowners who used kitchen renovations as an advantage witnessed 90% of the cost added to their home value.

Most of the buyers in the market are very selective about the kitchen design and that’s why a kitchen renovation will also help attract buyers easily so that you land a sale even faster.

When it comes to kitchen renovations, the buyers have many options, which makes them confused about what they should go for. Regardless of the reason for kitchen remodeling, here at Torres Renovations, we have years of experience and some of the best talents in the industry who can refresh, renovate and remodel your kitchen according to your specific requirements.

Signs It’s Time To Renovate Your Kitchen

A kitchen renovation is a massive project which requires extensive time, money, and energy. An increasing number of homeowners are hiring kitchen renovation contractors who can easily design their kitchens into more beautiful yet practical spaces. Kitchen renovation companies like Torres Renovation can create innovative, affordable strategies to ensure you get the kitchen you desire. 

How do you know if your kitchen needs renovation

There are many telltale signs that your kitchen needs renovations:


Do you find yourself storing kitchen items in other rooms? Are you running out of space in the kitchen cabinets? If so, a kitchen renovation company can expand your kitchen space by adding more cabinets and shelves. 


Maybe you were okay with a compact kitchen when you first bought your home. Years later, maybe you’ve developed an interest in cooking and now your kitchen lacs functionality. If your kitchen no longer suits your lifestyle, you should get it renovated. 


Is your kitchen layout outdated? Maybe it’s no longer as functional and efficient as it once was. Maybe it has become dangerous, with appliances that aren’t up to code. 


Do potentials buyer always comment about your outdated kitchen? Does your kitchen affect the home’s overall resale value? If you are planning to sell your home, it is important that the whole house looks appealing and functional, and matches industry standards. If your kitchen is keeping you from selling your home, it’s time you get it renovated by a kitchen renovation contractor. 


If you have trouble cleaning the nooks and crannies, or under the pipes in the kitchen then you should get it expanded by a kitchen renovation company. They will enhance the space by adding more space and incorporating the latest in kitchen design trends.


Are you putting off purchasing new appliances even though you know they need to be replaced? You should know that those old appliances are contributing to your high energy bill! Renovating your kitchen will make it more energy and cost efficient. 
You can trust upon Torres renovation kitchen renovations to deliver quality service. A company licensed by Maryland Home Improvement Commission, Torres Renovation will free you from the burden of renovations. No matter how big or small your home improvement project, with Torres Renovation’s 12 years of experience, you can rest assured that the result will be exactly what you imagined!

Top Questions To Ask A Contractor Before Starting Your Kitchen Renovation

It is normal for the exterior of your home to deteriorate and degrade over time. Your house is a big investment and it only makes sense to want to keep it looking just like new. This is where remodeling and renovation projects come in.

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of your house. This is why people often choose kitchen remodeling over a whole-house renovation. Many experts say that kitchens are based on a basic design that includes cabinets, countertops, and appliances. As a result, there is a lot of room for creativity. 

A mid-range kitchen remodel will give you the best ROI ($1.71 for every dollar spent). Also, thanks to the Internet, you can access hundreds of valuable and easy ideas for your kitchen remodeling/renovation.

What All Does Kitchen Remodeling Comprise?

Kitchen remodeling covers the design, the functionality, and the cabinets, as well as anything else that defines the comfort and look of your kitchen. From flooring, window frames, flooring, lights or any other accessory, kitchen remodeling will upgrade your kitchen to match with the most modern trends without compromising functionality.  

To make sure that your project is executed successfully, it is important that you choose your kitchen renovation contractor carefully. You can ask questions to make sure that the contractor you choose is the right one.

Questions For Your Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

  • Have You Done Kitchen Remodeling Before?

There are many companies who claim to be experts at handyman jobs and also offer kitchen remodeling or renovation. Ask your kitchen remodeling contractor about their experience in the field. Ask them to send “before and after pictures” of the work they have done in the past.

  • Do You Have A Valid Insurance and License?

This is one of the most important questions you should ask your kitchen remodeling contractor. A good kitchen remodeling company/contractor always carries a valid license and is insured.

The license of a contractor not only shows his professionalism but also that he is well-trained in his field. The insurance keeps you as well as the contractor safe in case of any accidents. Torres Renovations LLC has over 12 years of experience and is licensed by the Maryland Home Improvement Commission. 

  • How Long Will Take?

The kitchen is an integral part of your house. This is why you must ask your kitchen remodeling contractors how long will it take for your kitchen to become ready to use and the process he plans to use. 

This not only will tell you if the contractor you are planning to choose is experienced but helps you understand if what he is planning matches what you want for your kitchen. 

  • Do You Have Client Referrals?

You should definitely ask for reviews from previous clients. Ask a kitchen remodeling company/contractor you are considering if they have any client referrals who can vouch for their services.
There are many such questions you can ask a company to make sure to choose the right one. Torres Renovations LLC has over 12 years of experience and offers Kitchen Remodeling in MD. Call at (240)-750-3931 or fill in this form to request a quote today!