Best Color To Complement Your Aesthetic Living Room

Painting your town (four walls of your room) pink, yellow, blue, or any other colour requires careful consideration and effort. If you want to bring out your aesthetic sense in the room, you need to bring out the artist in you. You can also seek out assistance from various painting services in Maryland or visit Torres Renovation LLC. They are experts in remodelling and remodelling homes and workplaces. However, choosing the best colour combination for your aesthetic room is not very difficult. You can seek out inspiration from anywhere, be it from nature, from your granny’s home or anywhere else where you loved the beautiful walls. 


Here are a few suggestions to paint your living area with the best colour to follow the aesthetic theme: 

  • Cool blue

If you love to dive and swim and take a shower in the water, you can go for different shades of blue. The colour blue makes any room look calm and keeps the temperature of the room a little lower than outside. The colour is perfect for women who prefer light shades that soothe their senses. The colour blue is something that will never get you bored. Sky blue shaded walls can team up well with white or beige furniture.

  • Sunny yellow

In love with morning sunshine? Why not live in a sunkissed room? The sunkissed yellow colour is the best for the sun-loving tribe. The colour yellow can boost you up on your gloomy days and render you with a sense of clarity apart from emitting positive energy. Yes, colour therapy has a profound effect on us, and if your favourite colour sits beautifully on large walls of your room, you’re going to be in a cheerful mood, isn’t it? 

  • Palette pink 

Lovestruck? Cupid calling? Or happily, married? Why not paint your town pink? Colour pink soothes your soul and keeps you in a happy mood. You can take the help of the painting services in Maryland offers and seek their help to get a shade card, from where you can choose the perfect shade of pink for your romantic heart. 

  • Earthy paints

Want to give a vibrant and rich touch to your room? Adding shades of brown can give a luxurious appeal to your room. Browns and tans also render a sense of sheer vibrancy to the room. Call up your friends for night stays, and you are going to have a happy pyjama party for sure.

  • White is right

White colour is perfect for almost any house, no matter if it is small or a big one. It applies beautifully almost in any room. White always gives a sense of freshness to your room and soothes one’s eyes. Plus point of living in a white painted room is that you can team up the walls with furniture of any colour-pink, blue, yellow, or even orange. 

  • Bold is beautiful

If you wish to highlight the hues and tones of your furniture for newly bought cushions in your living room, go for darker colours like grey or dark pink. These colours enhance and highlight the nude shades in your room, apart from giving the entire area a rich look. 

Make your home look a perfect room for aesthetic appeal by bringing in inspiration from things around you. Sea green, eclectic blue or rosy pink, choose any colour of your choice and brighten up your living room.

Painting DIY Blunders to Avoid

Painting is a form of art that helps express your feelings with brushes of colors. It enables you to fill up a blank space with different ideas and  expressing yourself.. That empty space could also be the walls of your room at home. 

Sometimes it comes out in the form of an illustration, sometimes in the form of portraits, and sometimes just as a plain color on the wall. While expressing the kind of art on the walls, we often make some mistakes, which later affects the entire look of the room.

Certain blunders should be avoided in the making of fine art, especially on the walls. Some of them are listed below: 

1) Not covering the furniture correctly

Sometimes, we forget to clean up the mess created by us while painting. We don’t think about the surroundings. After the completion of our work, we see how the whole place has become a mess with splatters of paint all over the room. 

This situation can be avoided if you cover your area with proper poly-ethenes and covers. If you fail to do it, then there might be consequences while cleaning up the mess. It will also ruin your furniture and other decor items.

2) Using the wrong brush

When we are in a hurry, we often make the mistake of buying the wrong paintbrushes. It also happens due to a lack of knowledge about painting walls. It might seem like a very easy job, but it isn’t. 

This is one of the reasons why it would be better if you get help from professionals as they are experienced and can provide insight on decorating the walls as per your preference. DIY might sound creative and enjoyable but hiring professionals is always a wise decision. Torres Renovation LLC provides the best painting services in Maryland. If you want your walls to have a neat finishing touch, you must contact them

3) Less amount of paint

As an amateur, you have less knowledge about painting. Hence, there could be a chance that you’re not sure about the quantity of paint required to paint the wall. Again, we strongly suggest that you consult with painting services to ensure the amount of color necessary to complete your job is correct.

Painting is not an easy job, but it is an innovative one. So, you require accuracy, which Torres Renovation LLC can provide you. You don’t want half of the wall painted with one color and the other half with another, right?  

4) Use of tapes

While painting, the use of tapes is very important because there is a chance that the borders of frames and windows might also get painted and destroyed during the process. So, it would be better if tapes were applied to the frames to avoid such a disaster in your room. Many other things might get covered with paint if tapes are not applied. You can understand this better from professional service providers as they emphasize cleanliness while painting.

To avoid the blunders discussed above or any other hindrances while painting, its best that you consult with painting services Maryland that will offer expert advice to ensure your walls are painted right. You might be eagerly waiting to paint your wall and for that, consult the experts and make your room awesome. If you are still confused, pick up your phone and give Torres Renovation LLC a call, for they are experts in painting services for your entire home.

Things to Consider Before Getting Your Room Painted

Imagine entering a newly painted room. It surely feels good, doesn’t it? 

Now picture yourself sitting comfortably on the couch, you’ll notice how the fresh paint has given a new life to the room. Had it been rusting with old paint, would you have liked it? Of course not! 

Getting your home painted can be a lengthy process. You need to choose the contractor as well as the color wisely. Colors add beauty to your home and also reflect your style and taste. The colors can either enhance the look of your house or make it look WORSE! 

The color you choose can make your house look big or small, bright or dull and the roof of the house high or low. It all depends on what you choose. Hence, before you paint your home, it is recommended to consult professional painting contractors or look at the catalogue thoroughly. 

That is where we, Torres Renovation LLC, come in the picture. We not only provide you with high-quality services but also highly competitive market prices. You will find the latest and most innovative styles and techniques on our site when it comes to remodeling homes or providing painting services. 

Here, we are suggesting some simple advice to follow before you follow your heart for a room makeover!

  • When to choose darker shades?

If your house is big and spacious, you are free to use dark colors such as charcoal, black and dark blue make the space look confined. Since dark colors make the house look smaller, it is recommended to avoid their use in small homes. Also, if you live in an apartment, the use of dark colors is a big no-no! The house may look congested. 

  • When to choose lighter shades?

If you love ventilated homes and you want your house to look airy, you can choose light shades. Yes, colors do leave an impact on your home. Shades such as bright blue, beige, white, or even the most luminous shades of pistachio green will soothe your eyes. It will make your room look fresh. On the contrary, dark colors are suitable for those who live in a cold climate. 

  • How to match the shade with the rest of the interior?

Pay close attention to the colors of the furniture in your house. The color chosen should complement the furniture. The same is the case for the color of the sofa set, crockery almirah, etc. Incongruent colors can destroy the look of your house. For instance, yellow and grey cannot look as appealing as yellow and orange. 

  • How to take care of the patterns and designs on walls?

Do not ignore the patterns! Patterns also affect the look of your entire house. The use of large models on a narrow wall or a low roof should be avoided. It will make your home look way too small. In such a case, make use of little or tiny patterns. On the other hand, you are free to use significant patterns and designs for your wall if you own a large house with a spacious setting. 

Who knew that choosing the right shade and services of paint for your room could be so overwhelming? That is why we suggest you follow the suggestions mentioned above strictly. You can also request a consultation before hiring us for painting services for your home and office. Our professionalism is what makes us the best contractors that Maryland has to offer for painting services.

We believe that painting services should always be of high-quality or you will incur the high cost of maintenance in the coming years. Hence, if you are looking for the most professional and high-quality painting services in Maryland, you know where to go – Torres Renovation LLC is here for you.

So, when are you getting your home painted with the right color and with the right contractor?

Things to consider when choosing a painting service for your home

Your home’s aesthetic says a lot about you. As time passes, however, even the most beautiful of homes can lose its charms. The best way to revitalize a fading exterior is through a new paint job.

You don’t always need to completely remodel your house to bring it back to its former glory. Sometimes, the solution is as simple as hiring a painting service to transform your home with attractive and bold colors. There are many painting service companies competing for your trust; the best place to start is by doing a local search online. For example, if you are living in Maryland, then begin by searching for painting service Maryland.” You will probably get a long list of painting service companies and it can be tricky to decide on the right fit.

Below is a list of the ways you can ensure you are hiring the best painting company in your area.

Check reviews

One of the best ways to know whether a painting service company is reliable or not is to check their online reviews. Customer reviews work in your favor. You can easily find the reviews and ratings of the painting companies you’re considering on websites like Yelp, Angie’s List and Google. While you should never make your decision based solely on the reviews you find, they should still play a role in your search. If you want to investigate a company further, you can also  ask for a list of references from the company.


You should know that all the painting service companies have to meet certain minimum requirements in order to operate their business. These requirements vary from place to place. If a painting company fulfills all of the legal regulations, they are typically awarded certifications as proof of their compliance. You should always ask your painting company about their certifications.

In addition, the painter who comes into your home should be well-trained according to industry standards and knowledgeable about the latest market trends. A good painting company will never shy away from providing you all the information about their certification and compliance history and present status.

Availability and flexibility

Before finalizing your decision, make sure the company you hire is able to work according to your schedule. A good painting service provider will always be flexible according to your schedule. The company should always be available on short notice.

If you are looking for the best painting renovating services, consider Torres Renovation. They have a wide range of services including painting and whole home renovation.

If you think that your house is started to look dull and in need of a paint job, follow the advice in this blog post before you hire the best painting company in your area. You should never rush your decision, as it can cause ruin to your home and make it look worse. Be patient, analyze the market, understand your budget and then make the final decision.

Gaithersburg MD

Project Details

Remodeling of the entire house Basement, first floor and second floor. Remodeling of 3 bathrooms Installation of new hardwood floors Installation of heated floors in the master bathroom Installation of recess lights. Creation of decorative niches and paint job for the entire home.



Gaithersburg MD

Remodeling Area

Entire house including first floor, second floor & bathrooms.

Work done

Remodeling Basement, first floor & second floor, 3 bathrooms, hardwood floors, heated floors in the master bathroom, recess lights, decorative niches and paint job.

Olney MD


Project Details

Entire House

Installation of new hardwood floors in the entire house Paint job for the entire house.


Remodeling of the entire kitchen, Installation of new kitchen cabinets, New appliances, New backsplash and new floor.



Olney MD

Remodeling Area

Entire House & Kitchen

Work done

Hardwood flooring & Paint. Remodeling of the entire kitchen, including new kitchen cabinets, New appliances, New backsplash and new floor.

Poolesville MD

Project Details

Remodeling of master bathroom in Poolesville MD. Tub was removed and shower was built in its place. The shower has double shower heads. Entire floor tile was redone New faucets, new recess lights and new toilet were installed. All bathroom walls were painted.



Poolesville MD

Remodeling Area

Master bathroom

Work done

Flooring, New faucets, Toilet Installation, Wall Painting