Guide To Hire A Home Contractor Amidst COVID-19

The world today, as we know it, is grappled by several extremely serious and life-threatening nuisances. The most recent and highlighted is the untamed spread of COVID-19. The virus has turned the ordinary way of life topsy turvy. And while we adapt to the new ways of life that are compatible with the presence of the virus, we cannot neglect the basic and straightforward need of human existence. Home repairs cannot be done online and cannot be handled solely based on tutorials.

Now the question arises, is it safe to hire a home contractor at this time? 

What to do if there is an urgent, pressing problem at your house? 

What if you need to get your house completed so that you can move in at the earliest?

Here is a complete guide that we, at  Torres Renovation LLC, have come up with to help you hire home contractors in Maryland without having to panic about the risk of the spread of infection.

Identify The Nature Of The Problem

The first step that we advise you to take is to recognize if the job is an immediate one or is something that can be postponed. This has no set parameter but depends upon the condition of the affected area and your skillset. While some people can fix minor plumbing issues or replace a broken tile, some issues like leakage or dangling shingles from the roof pose a threat and should be handled professionally. 

Location Of The Problem

Another core aspect is to see if the affected area lies inside the house or is an outside area like your garage, driveway, or garden. There is no harm in contacting home renovation contractors if the job is outdoors. Many households in the US swear by home renovation contractors in Maryland

In case you are planning to hire a contractor or remodeling service to take care of a problem that occurs outdoors, these are a few precautions that you can take. 

  1. Keep a distance while talking to the contractor and make sure you are wearing a mask.
  2. Ask the person to wear a mask and put on disposable gloves in case they aren’t wearing it already.
  3. Tell them to keep the bill at a distance from you. Note the amount and put the cheque in the mailbox for them to pick it up.
  4. After the concerned person leaves, sanitize your gate and any other surface used frequently and might have been touched by the person.

When The Indoor Work Is Inevitable

In case you are waiting to shift into your house but have not been able to and are struggling with your temporary residence, hiring home repair contractors becomes inevitable. If you have a handyman or remodeling problem, then contacting home renovation contractors in Maryland is the right approach. We also advise you to follow these precautions to ensure that you can get the urgent job done without exposing yourself to the virus.

  • If possible, spray sanitizer the clothes and equipment of the person before they enter your house.
  • Maintain a distance and ask them to wear shoe covers in addition to masks and gloves.
  • In case you need to hand over cash or card, sanitize it afterward manually.
  • When the concerned person leaves, mop the floors and sanitize all possible touched areas.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water properly for at least 15-30 seconds.

In case you have a plumbing problem or a deteriorating infrastructure problem, it becomes difficult to wait or live in that condition. Torres Renovation LLC offers home contractors in Maryland for remodeling, renovation, and repair services. We have experience of over 12 years in the field and offer world-class service at a fair price. Contact us today and let us take care of your renovation problems!

What To Look Out When Hiring A Home Contractor For The Renovation

Sometimes renovation pans out to be very expensive. The entire cost of repair may burn a hole into your pocket when the contractor costs are taken into consideration. So, it is mandatory to check twice each and everything when it comes to a process. 

A home contractor is an intermediate person who undertakes a contract to provide materials and labor to perform a renovation service or job for your home. Here there are some points about hiring one of the best home contractors in Maryland for the renovation. 

Point to deem about before hiring a home remodeling contractor in Maryland

Discuss with your circle

An in-depth discussion will provide a better path to attain a solution. Discuss with your family, friends, relatives, co-workers, and neighbors about their preferred contractor. This is the first step taken by all people to find a suitable home contractor. It doesn’t give you a full perception of the contractor, but it is an open gateway to start up your search. One can also search the contract services company online or nearby your location. Finally, you can decide a list of excellent home renovation contractors in Maryland that you should hire. Because each and every movement you have taken in the research of contractor, you will find them as the stepping stones leading you to hire the best suitable choice for your home.

Explaining your project 

After going through the details of the contractor, you should explain to him/her about your project. Since home renovation is not an easy task. No matter the project may be smaller or larger, it is essential. This also reveals the ability of a constructor to present solutions according to your requirements


Experience is an important factor considering the work in the field. Before assigning your project to the contractor, make sure that he/she has the relevant experience on it. One should be clear about the experience, the number of successful projects the contractor has done, and the money you are going to spend. Sometimes, references from others can lead to a good contractor. Self-satisfaction is more important than other things. If you look at Torres Renovation LLC’s website, you will find a long list of completed projects and testimonials from previous clients as well.

Interview with other contractors

An interview with one or more home contractors in Maryland helps to establish your view about your work. Even a small thing can vary in different aspects with one another, like work time and money. But, perfect work is done according to your requirements, which is completed within your pocket limit.

Ask about the work of contractor and subcontractor 

In many cases, without a contractor’s presence, the other workers will be lethargic. Work time of both contractor and subcontractor play an important role than others because a guide is required to carry out the work perfectly.

Verify insurance, licensing and permits 

The contractor should be able to provide you with proof that he has the proper license for home renovation work. Insurance can also be required when workers have been injured while performing work. Working with Torres Renovation LLC will be quite safe as these home remodeling contractors in Maryland take care of everything so that you can only focus on the work.

Materials they use 

You should be crystal clear about the elements which are to be used in the remodeling of your home. Quality, durability, and versatility are essential aspects while choosing the materials. It should also be long-lasting. Options must be present to upgrade the materials. 


One must know exactly how much you are going to spend on remodeling and when you are paying it. Make an information note about the financial status of revival work, paying money to the contractor, subcontractors, and workers. 

Some Last Words

The above factors should cover all the essential things that have to be considered while hiring a suitable home renovation contractor in Maryland. Be aware of spending your money on each and every step with these significant considerations. Contact Torres Renovation LLC’s best services to seek the required assistance.

The Perks of Choosing a Home Contractor

As a homeowner, at some point in the future, you will stumble upon the idea of renovating your home. It doesn’t matter how well-built your house or apartment is or how well you have maintained it –  renovations are something that you just can’t avoid. 

Some people consider renovating because they find the interior of their home is a far cry from their neighbors while others do it because of the increasing risk posed by the deteriorating condition of the house.  It doesn’t matter what your reason is for renovation, hiring a home contractor like Torres Renovations to get the job done professionally is the best idea.

Great Savings

Many people find it ironic that hiring a home contractor is related to cost-effectiveness because even while getting the job done professionally, you will have to pay the fee. But one of the most important things that most people forget is when they hire a professional, they minimize the chances of worsening the situation which ends up burning a hole in their pocket. 

There is no denial in the fact that there are some renovations that could be turned into DIY projects. However, in such cases, one needs the required skill and experiences; to correctly complete simple and economical aspects of renovations; such as changing bathroom tiles which could become a money-guzzler.

Get the job done quickly

Most of the people who plan to do the renovations by themselves, spend most of their time researching and learning the different methods and tools required to get the job done perfectly. Even knowing the basics of renovations, you will never be able to match the speed of professionals which is another reason why hiring a home contractor makes sense. 

Most of the reputable general contractors are able to get the job done quite quickly to make the entire process of renovation quite effective. So, if you don’t want to spend hours sitting with your renovation plans and stretching the timeframe of the project, then it’s always a good idea to hire a home contractor.

They have the required license and certification

You should know that different states have different rules and regulations for home contractor which is why it becomes essential for you to choose a certified and licensed contractor. A licensed contractor has the required know-how of process permits, and inspections plus they are able to fulfill the rules and regulations regarding renovations and construction in a much better way. 

In addition, you are also likely to get better loans and other banking options if you choose to work with a licensed contractor. You can also get a warranty for the renovation, which is only provided by a licensed and certified contractor.

Offload all the hassles

After looking at a couple of YouTube videos and reading some articles, renovation starts looking like a cakewalk. But when you start it after buying all the necessary tools mentioned in the video with millions of views, you find that all the things you have read and watched on the internet are nothing more than a big lie. 

If an unskilled person started the renovation process on his own, then it will turn out to be nothing more than a big headache. But by choosing a professional contractor, you can offload all the hassle of renovation on them while you sit back and wait for the job to be done professionally.

Renovation can turn out to be a tough task if you decide it do it by yourself. Therefore, choose a good home contractor for getting the job done professionally   If you are living in Baltimore, College Park, District Heights or any other city in Maryland, just a simple search of ‘Home contractors Maryland’ will give you a long list of some of the best home contractors in the area.