Looking for Kitchen Renovation? Choose the Best Among these 5 Kitchen Layouts for Your Home

While considering a home renovation, most of the homeowners consider kitchen remodeling as one of the main highlights. While remodeling, a kitchen renovation contractor usually considers various aspects like the size, budget, and functionality. Your kitchen’s basic layout of how you have arranged the countertop, the appliances, or storage areas can completely turn around the look of your house. 


If you are also looking for a complete makeover of your kitchen, go for a professional kitchen renovation company like Torres Renovation LLC. 

While the company offers different kinds of kitchen layouts, it is wise for you to inform yourself and become familiar with some of these layouts.


There are five basic kitchen layouts for most kitchens – G, L, U, single, and galley. In this post, we’ll explain everything about these five kitchen plans so that you can choose the best among them for your home, and that too on a strict budget:


  • L-Shaped Kitchen Layout:

As the name suggests, the L-shaped kitchen layout consists of two workstations placed on adjacent walls creating a continuous L shaped counter space. The L-shaped kitchen gives the cook an efficient area for work, which is one of the main reasons why it is considered one of the most preferred kitchen layouts by homeowners. This layout is perfect for such homes where the kitchen opens to a nearby room. This layout allows the cook to be comfortable while interacting with the guests. 


  • U-Shaped Kitchen Layout:

 U-shaped kitchen layout is considered to be the most flexible design of all and if fit for all sizes of homes. This layout has the cook surrounded by three sides and efficiently provides the comfort of storage. In bigger homes, the cook gets ample space, and even two cooks can easily prepare a meal without getting into each other’s way. You can ask your kitchen renovation contractor to give you a spacious floor plan and multiple workstations for the cook.


  • G-Shaped Layout:

The G-shaped layout is basically a U-shaped kitchen with a little extra amount of peninsula on the fourth wall of the room. In this style too, the cook gets surrounded by three sides, but on the fourth side, they get additional space for a cabinet. As this layout might look quite compact, homeowners can open up the wall in the nearby room. It could create a pass-through, which could allow the passing of meals to the dining table. 


  • Single-wall kitchen: 

This layout is appropriate for smaller homes as it requires only one wall. Rather than having a ‘work-triangle’ just like other layouts have, a single-wall kitchen has a ‘work-line’ that has all the three kitchen zones along one wall. To add more storage space in such a layout, the kitchen renovation contractor can add additional storage by stacking cabinets on the walls such as wall-pantry pull-out and base-pantry pull out.


  • Galley kitchen layout: 

The galley kitchen layout consists of a floor plan, which has workstations facing each other on the parallel walls. In such a kitchen layout, maximize the storage by stacking the additional storage on both the walls.

Torres Renovation LLC, one of the leading renovation companies in Maryland, provides you with a top-class service. With more than two decades of experience in the industry, the company offers a range of services like kitchen and bathroom renovation, remodeling, patio design service, and much more. If you are looking for a unique kitchen makeover, select the best kitchen layout, and leave the rest on us!

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