What are the signs that your house needs a whitewash?

Decorating a brand new home or renovating your ancestral property is not an easy task. It requires diligent work to maintain your home sweet home. Apart from deciding home furnishings, the paint and the whitewash in your house also occupy essential space and time. Many of us paint our houses white. We instead get them whitewashed, and then, our charming home stands proud, dazzling in the sunshine. Many painting services employ their best painters in town. Likewise, you can rely on painting services in Maryland as they offer the best services in town with experienced companies like Torres Renovations


In our hectic schedule, we often ignore the walls and ceilings of our homes, but maintaining them is important. The following signs may help you in knowing when to whitewash your house. You can also take the help of painting services like painting services in Maryland to get a whitewash in your home. 


  • What are those paint chips doing on the wall? : It is challenging to maintain walls or ceilings if you live in a moist climate. The walls start to soap, making the paint chips come off. It is one of the signs that indicate you must get your house painted. Even if you have not got your home redecorated for many years, you would observe chips of paint coming off from the ceiling or walls of your house. In such a case, you must call painting services and ask them to get your house whitewashed. 
  • Is the paint fading? Not all of us can afford painting the walls of the house almost every year. Some of us chose a particular festive season or a break to get our house painted. Some of us even get them colored after a couple of years. However, if you notice that your walls are getting discolored, then you must get your house whitewashed. 
  • Is the penetration of natural light getting restricted? : There can be various reasons for a home being devoid of natural light. One of the reasons may be the use of dark paint in your house. Even if you haven’t painted your house for years, the house may not be able to capture enough light. But if you get your home whitewashed, you can see the magic in its after-effects. Your house will capture more natural light while the walls would shine in the daylight. 
  • Are you sure it is just you and your family who live in ten houses? : There may be someone else too who is living happily in your home. No, we aren’t talking about ghosts, but termites!! Termites can damage your entire house if not checked carefully and early. You can call up the companies that help in preventing termites, but it is suggested that you must get your house whitewashed to avoid them from entering your house! It’s your home. They are intruders! 
  • Whitewash helps in regulating the temperature of your room in summers: If you know the properties of the color white, you must be aware of its characteristic feature of ‘not absorbing heat.’ Therefore, in many regions where people witness a hot climate, get their house whitewashed. This keeps your home fresh in summers or extreme heat. 


You can also refer to several guide books or blogs before you get your house whitewashed to know the dos and don’ts. Remember, it is very important to hire professional help for whitewash, or else the sustainability of the color will not be guaranteed.

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