Tips that will help you to improve your bathroom remodeling

Are those choked flushes and leaking taps a sign that your bathroom needs remodeling? Therefore, you are looking for the best company for the bathroom remodel in Maryland? Take a deep breath and relax because here we are to help you with this. 

Unlike other parts of the home, a bathroom too needs time to time maintenance and remodeling. Most of us want our bathroom to be designed in a way that reflects our personality and delivers comfort to our family. Torres Renovation LLC makes sure to provide you perfect remodeling designs that suit your personality and comfort. Today, we are sharing our best tips that can help you in better bathroom remodeling. Read them carefully to make your bathroom remodel a dream come true!

  • Take help from the professional bathroom planners:

Before you call any bathroom remodeling company, make sure to study them a little bit. Check their works and designs. Read the reviews of people and then make a wise decision. The bathroom is a great part of your home, and you cannot hire anybody to play with it. It’s important to hire someone experienced and dedicated to this work. A professional bathroom planner offers a vision to your dreams and turns it to reality, whereas an amateur can make the conditions worse for you and your family.

  • Prefer cabinets for good storage space:

Customize your bathrooms with beautiful cabinets, double-wide sinks, and floating vanities to give a stylish and practical look without spending a lot of money. Cabinets are necessary for bathrooms, sometimes even more than any part of the home. We usually design bathroom remodels in Maryland with huge cabinets and skinks. It helps you store emergency supplies, toiletries, linens, etc. making your bathroom more beautiful and functional. These cabinets can be made with different materials and designs depending upon the budget and space of the place. For instance, if you are making it with wood, prefer the ones that not only look beautiful but are moisture resistant too.

  • lighting can make it look better:

With all those installed fixtures and amenities, lighting has its great importance in emphasizing the design of your bathroom. The lighting should be elegant and bright enough to see everything clearly. Along with artificial light gives some importance to the natural light source i.e., sunlight. Sunlight is essential to kill those microbes growing in moisture and provide ventilation to your bathroom.

Luxurious lighting is not necessary; even well-designed vanity lighting looks amazing and eliminates the shadows on faces. LED recessed bulbs and lightings over the mirror are a great way to brighten up your bathroom in a low budget.

  • ventilation is important:

Ventilation is the most important thing that needs to be considered while remodeling, but unfortunately, most of us forget to leave some space for it. A bathroom without a proper ventilation facility is a home for molds and mildew that grows in moisture. This is not only unhygienic but harms the cabinet, fixtures, and amenities upgraded in your remodeled bathroom.

Get a good quality fan to ensure the circulation of air in your bathroom. A better idea is to place a fan that comes along with a timer so that you can set an hour timer after taking a shower and using your bathroom without worrying about switching it off before leaving home.

  • Pick durable yet timeless flooring:

There are a lot of options to select for your bathroom flooring but prefer the ones that are timeless as well as durable. Most importantly, the flooring should not be slippery and can be cleaned with a little wiping.

Ceramic, stone tiles, and Porcelain are a good choice if you want to make your bathroom look elegant and pleasing. Their water-resisting quality makes them a good choice for bathrooms. But when it comes to durability and style, no one can beat baseboard tiles that add a great finishing touch to your bathroom flooring.
Torres Renovation LLC helps you in every step of your bathroom remodeling. Feel free to ask us any questions regarding bathroom and kitchen remodeling.

Tips To Remodel Your Kitchen on a Budget

A kitchen renovation is an expensive affair. It requires homeowners to spend an astonishing amount on adding luxuries and contemporary updates. Using top-grade stone countertops, cabinets, cooktop, and designer faucets can dig a hole in your pocket. It can make your overall home improvement project a financial burden. But fret not guys! Take a sigh of relief. There are ample of cost-effective options available out there. 


So, before you dig down to drain your savings, consider below mentioned professional tips from a top kitchen renovation company to face-lift your kitchen within budget. 

Try to keep it simple: 

If adding new cabinets is necessary, then pick ready-to-assemble stock models over custom cabinets. Stock cabinets cost lower and are available in limited styles and patterns. But you can still find options aligning your kitchen remodeling needs. More importantly, they will aptly fit into your budget. The stock line cabinets are less sophisticated and utilitarian. With their simple design and fresh appeal, these cabinets serve as the perfect option for cost-efficient kitchen renovation.

Similarly, for appliances, you can choose efficient mass-market products that are affordable yet effectual in performance and appeal. 

Take a professional’s help:

A remodeling task done right can infuse new life into your outdated kitchen. However, to accomplish this, you need a professional’s guidance. Hiring a kitchen renovation company can help you plan your project in a better way. They can make efficient use of your space while making things fit into your budget. Moreover, the valuable advice from professional designers will assist you in investing in quality items that durable as well as functional. So, rather than wasting time, efforts, and money on your DIY tricks, consider seeking professional designer’s help. 

Retain the same layout: 

If possible, do not attempt to alter your kitchen layout. This is because updating plumbing fixtures, changing electric elements, relocating gas ranges, and moving walls can lead to a spike in remodeling expenditures. So, make sure to keep the position of these elements intact. This will save the cost of demolition and reconstruction, and will also reduce the amount of dust and debris generated.

However, if doing so improves the functionality of your space, proceed to change the layout without hesitation. And if you are not sure whether the changing layout will be effective or not, seek professional help from a kitchen renovation company.

Work with licensed and certified kitchen remodeling professionals : 

Choosing licensed and certified kitchen remodeling professionals can provide your kitchen with a good renovation within your available budget. Moreover, when you choose certified services, there is a minimal risk of damage to your property. You can stay rest assured about the end outcome. Doing so will enable you to save a considerable amount in the long run.

  Do a little yourself:

If you can spare time and are acquainted with the know-how of certain kitchen remodel tasks, then you can cut down the cost by:

– Painting walls, doors, and window frames on your own.

– Reducing labor and disposal charges by removing old cabinets, appliances, and countertops on your own.

What’s next? 

Hence, following the aforementioned kitchen, renovation tips can truly help you save a lot. You can enjoy pleasurable outcomes without crossing your set budget line. Well, do not forget that if you want to reap the optimum results, hire a trusted kitchen renovation company like Torres Renovation LLC.


At Torres Renovation, we have a team of experienced professionals who use their skills to get your renovation task done right. Additionally, our services are affordable, so with us, budgeting a renovation project is not an issue.

Tips for Minimalist Kitchen Decoration

Quantity is not always beautiful; sometimes, it’s messy and confusing. ‘Big rooms’ and ‘big spaces’ are losing their importance with increasing population, and it is where minimalist ideas sound music to our ears, especially if it is followed by a creative touch.

There are many of us who fume about spaces, yet are never satisfied. In particular, if it is their favorite corner, the kitchen. Well, who is the culprit here? Nay, not you, nor anybody else, it’s just that we need to add some creative magic to the minimalist kitchen with a minimalist decoration. 

Hey, do not leave in the mid, stay glued and scroll down to our tips for minimalist kitchen decoration before jumping to any kitchen renovation company:


  • De-clutter is the ‘forever basic’


Can you learn and grow with a de-cluttered mind? Of course not, and so cannot your kitchen! Declutter your kitchen to make it spacious and breathable. Throw out that old coffee maker machine, chili cutter, that bunch of knives that you hardly use, and the half working mixer. If they are of no use, they ought not to live in your kitchen; they’re dead, you have to throw them all. This is the basic principle of minimalist living and minimalist decoration. 


  • The color that would suit your kitchen


Now that your kitchen looks spacious, it’s time to decide about the color of your kitchen. Or how you want to see your kitchen to be decked up in? Is it going to be orange, a classic white, a sunny yellow or chocolate brown? You can also take the help of a color catalog to decide about the color of your very favorite kitchen corner. If you are aware of color therapy, you must be aware of colors that make a room look larger. 


  • Start with the sink


The next thing to target is the ‘sink’ and the facets of your kitchen. Replace your sink and the taps with brand new and modern faucets. You can choose from various designs from small to sleek as per your choice. For the sink, you can replace your old marbled pit with a brand new steel or aluminum sink- which is easy to clean and maintain. 


  • The cabinets and drawers


For a small kitchen, it is imperative to keep your things in a well-organized manner, so that it is not only beautiful to look at but also to search for things that are usually lost in a huge pile of utensils or other things. Bring in modern cabinets to keep things like plates, bowls, jars, and cups at a fixed place. If knobs create a real problem and pop off very often, you can buy cabinets that have handles to hold them to pull and push. 


  • Arrange all the items as per your comfort


Organizing things can be a real tedious task and consume much of your time and effort even if you have arranged them all. But the problem will not persist if you keep things right at their correct spot. If you do not like bending enough or standing on your toes every now and then to grab things, place the frequently used utensils and food processors in the cabin for which you can reach very easily without making much effort. Make sure they are not visible; try fitting them in your brand new, ever-stylish cabinets. 


  • Add colors, plants, and rugs 


You can place tiny plant pots on the empty racks or spaces; you can also keep them near to your window. It will enhance the look of your kitchen. Also, adding a small colorful rug will do the job. The rug will also add warmth to the kitchen. If you have a habit of forgetting things, you can hand a small square pinboard on an empty wall and pin them with colorful papers with the list of things to be bought or whatever you think is important for you. Keep colorful pens to add more colors. 
A small piece of advice: Remove the extras from your kitchen, do not overdo things, and let the light flow and settle in. To know more about styling your kitchen, you can visit Torres Renovation LLC, which is a top kitchen renovation company you can always rely on.

Best Color To Complement Your Aesthetic Living Room

Painting your town (four walls of your room) pink, yellow, blue, or any other colour requires careful consideration and effort. If you want to bring out your aesthetic sense in the room, you need to bring out the artist in you. You can also seek out assistance from various painting services in Maryland or visit Torres Renovation LLC. They are experts in remodelling and remodelling homes and workplaces. However, choosing the best colour combination for your aesthetic room is not very difficult. You can seek out inspiration from anywhere, be it from nature, from your granny’s home or anywhere else where you loved the beautiful walls. 


Here are a few suggestions to paint your living area with the best colour to follow the aesthetic theme: 

  • Cool blue

If you love to dive and swim and take a shower in the water, you can go for different shades of blue. The colour blue makes any room look calm and keeps the temperature of the room a little lower than outside. The colour is perfect for women who prefer light shades that soothe their senses. The colour blue is something that will never get you bored. Sky blue shaded walls can team up well with white or beige furniture.

  • Sunny yellow

In love with morning sunshine? Why not live in a sunkissed room? The sunkissed yellow colour is the best for the sun-loving tribe. The colour yellow can boost you up on your gloomy days and render you with a sense of clarity apart from emitting positive energy. Yes, colour therapy has a profound effect on us, and if your favourite colour sits beautifully on large walls of your room, you’re going to be in a cheerful mood, isn’t it? 

  • Palette pink 

Lovestruck? Cupid calling? Or happily, married? Why not paint your town pink? Colour pink soothes your soul and keeps you in a happy mood. You can take the help of the painting services in Maryland offers and seek their help to get a shade card, from where you can choose the perfect shade of pink for your romantic heart. 

  • Earthy paints

Want to give a vibrant and rich touch to your room? Adding shades of brown can give a luxurious appeal to your room. Browns and tans also render a sense of sheer vibrancy to the room. Call up your friends for night stays, and you are going to have a happy pyjama party for sure.

  • White is right

White colour is perfect for almost any house, no matter if it is small or a big one. It applies beautifully almost in any room. White always gives a sense of freshness to your room and soothes one’s eyes. Plus point of living in a white painted room is that you can team up the walls with furniture of any colour-pink, blue, yellow, or even orange. 

  • Bold is beautiful

If you wish to highlight the hues and tones of your furniture for newly bought cushions in your living room, go for darker colours like grey or dark pink. These colours enhance and highlight the nude shades in your room, apart from giving the entire area a rich look. 

Make your home look a perfect room for aesthetic appeal by bringing in inspiration from things around you. Sea green, eclectic blue or rosy pink, choose any colour of your choice and brighten up your living room.

Home contractor vs. DIY: Which one is best for remodeling and renovation?

With time your kitchen, living room, or bedroom starts looking dull, or the colors, designs look old. Well, in such a situation, the first thought that comes to mind is whether to make the renovation a DIY project or hire a home contractor?

Many homeowners think they are skilled enough to complete the renovation task by themselves, and they don’t need any home contractor while others directly consult a home contractor without any second thought. Well, if you are planning to renovate your house and are in the dilemma of choosing between a home contractor and DIY, then you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will look at both ways of remodeling your house on different parameters and know which one will be better for you.


First thing to consider while searching for a renovation company is the cost involved. Well, if you go for a DIY project, then you will have to spend lots of money. There are many specialized tools required in renovating your house, and since you don’t own these tools and machines, you will have to buy them. Some of these machines and tools can easily burn a hole in their pocket, and you will never use them again for at least 5 to 10 years. Additionally, you don’t have the knowledge of using these tools properly to achieve the desired results. 

While on the other side, if you will opt for the services of a home contractor like Torres Renovations, then you will have to pay the fixed price of the renovation, and the expert home contractors of Maryland will take care of everything. So, in terms of money, home contractors are surely a better option.


You might be thinking that renovating your kitchen or your living room is a cakewalk as you need to replace the old setup with a new one and paint the area. But you should know that renovation is much more than just adding a new setup and painting the area. While doing it by yourself, you might spend the whole week dealing with bolts and sandpapers and still don’t get satisfactory results. You need to possess specialized skills and expertise to remodel your house in minimal possible time, and that’s not possible with DIY.

But home contractors have seasoned experts who use tried and tested methods to get the job done in the minimum possible time. By using the best tools and methods, experts from home contractor firms can get the job done for you in just a couple of days. So, even on the parameter of time, home contractors are way ahead of the DIY project.


Nobody wants to compromise on the quality when it comes to the remodeling or renovation of their house, and this is why we have included it in our list of parameters. Well, it doesn’t matter how skilled you are, you will never be able to match the expertise, experience, and skill set of the professionals assigned by home contractors. The number one priority of home contractors is customer satisfaction, and that’s why, in almost all cases, you will be 100% satisfied with the quality of work done by professionals home contractors. But that is not the case when you take things in your hand. Even after investing in lots of money and spending an ample amount of time, you might end up with a non-satisfactory result.
So, as you can see, hiring a home contractor in Maryland is always a better option than DIY. If you are looking for a perfect renovation of any part of your house, then you should go with home contractors without any second thought.

What are the signs that your house needs a whitewash?

Decorating a brand new home or renovating your ancestral property is not an easy task. It requires diligent work to maintain your home sweet home. Apart from deciding home furnishings, the paint and the whitewash in your house also occupy essential space and time. Many of us paint our houses white. We instead get them whitewashed, and then, our charming home stands proud, dazzling in the sunshine. Many painting services employ their best painters in town. Likewise, you can rely on painting services in Maryland as they offer the best services in town with experienced companies like Torres Renovations


In our hectic schedule, we often ignore the walls and ceilings of our homes, but maintaining them is important. The following signs may help you in knowing when to whitewash your house. You can also take the help of painting services like painting services in Maryland to get a whitewash in your home. 


  • What are those paint chips doing on the wall? : It is challenging to maintain walls or ceilings if you live in a moist climate. The walls start to soap, making the paint chips come off. It is one of the signs that indicate you must get your house painted. Even if you have not got your home redecorated for many years, you would observe chips of paint coming off from the ceiling or walls of your house. In such a case, you must call painting services and ask them to get your house whitewashed. 
  • Is the paint fading? Not all of us can afford painting the walls of the house almost every year. Some of us chose a particular festive season or a break to get our house painted. Some of us even get them colored after a couple of years. However, if you notice that your walls are getting discolored, then you must get your house whitewashed. 
  • Is the penetration of natural light getting restricted? : There can be various reasons for a home being devoid of natural light. One of the reasons may be the use of dark paint in your house. Even if you haven’t painted your house for years, the house may not be able to capture enough light. But if you get your home whitewashed, you can see the magic in its after-effects. Your house will capture more natural light while the walls would shine in the daylight. 
  • Are you sure it is just you and your family who live in ten houses? : There may be someone else too who is living happily in your home. No, we aren’t talking about ghosts, but termites!! Termites can damage your entire house if not checked carefully and early. You can call up the companies that help in preventing termites, but it is suggested that you must get your house whitewashed to avoid them from entering your house! It’s your home. They are intruders! 
  • Whitewash helps in regulating the temperature of your room in summers: If you know the properties of the color white, you must be aware of its characteristic feature of ‘not absorbing heat.’ Therefore, in many regions where people witness a hot climate, get their house whitewashed. This keeps your home fresh in summers or extreme heat. 


You can also refer to several guide books or blogs before you get your house whitewashed to know the dos and don’ts. Remember, it is very important to hire professional help for whitewash, or else the sustainability of the color will not be guaranteed.

Top 7 Tips to Find the Best Countertops for your Kitchen

Choosing the best countertop is a difficult choice. Having the right amount of space with all the convenience is tough to achieve. Kitchens are the most important part of the house and the countertops are the main active area. There are a lot of options available in the market such as quartz, marble, granite, or more., Making the right choice is a tedious task. Since selecting the right kitchen countertop element is a tiring task, Here are some suggestions to help you with the task. These points are normally explained only by the top kitchen renovation company among all.

7 Best tips to get the best countertops for your kitchen

The important seven tips you should consider while choosing your kitchen countertops.

  • Know Your priorities in material

Imagine you woke up from a dream about how your kitchen should look. It is good to have a nice imagination. Kitchen countertop materials should not have many pores and should be resistant to cracks and water, or else it will get difficult for you to work. Some countertops can require more maintenance for it to be long-lasting. Seek required assistance from Torres Renovation LLC the prominent name in the field of modern kitchen renovations.

  • Choose a material that suits your lifestyle

Granite kitchen countertops can be very expensive if they need to be restored and repaired. But other kitchen countertop materials like quartz and laminate are much more -maintenance. These materials are  less expensive to repair and can provides a contemporary look without too much responsibility in terms of maintenance.

  • Consider Your Home Layout

Since the kitchen is the soul of the house, it should bind the whole house together as a convenient and common area. The layout of your home should be stylish as well as comfortable. It will help in creating a colorful kitchen that matches the countertops.

  • Deem about your budget 

One of the many aspects of choosing a  a countertop for your kitchen is the budget. You need to carefully search for different options in the market to choose the best suitable one for you. It is a well-known fact that all that shines is not always pure gold. Sometimes the countertops are very expensive and have hefty price tags but in reality, they are not worth the price. So research all the options properly. Also, seek advice from some experts in the field to find the best option in your budget.

  • Research the Various sink types

There are two types of sinks:

  • Over Mounted:  the sink is dropped down from the countertops. These types of sink present a traditional look and are easy to install in the countertops.
  • Under Mounted: the edge of the sink is mounted under the countertop. This is the new and modern style which helps ensure proper and easy cleaning of the countertops. These types of sinks provide a symmetrical look to your kitchen and more space for working.

Before choosing a countertop, decide the type of sink you are going to choose for your kitchen. This will help you incorporate  ideas that help improve the look and will make the selection process easier.

  • Maintenance: 

Overall maintenance is an important aspect while choosing the countertop for your kitchen. As the kitchen is the place where you cook all your meals, it is key that the overall look is elegant and all the things can be easily reached in the environment. You may also seek the assistance of the best kitchen renovation company.

  • Overall aesthetics

The kitchen is the place where all the meals are prepared. So, the overall aesthetics of the place must be simple yet elegant in a unique way. This will create positive feelings in the environment, which in result, will help lighten the mood of the individuals working in the space.

Some last words

Countertops can easily improve the overall aesthetics of the kitchen. So, make sure you go through different options in the market and select the best choice for your kitchen. You can trust that you will receive the best service with Torres Renovation LLC which has an excellent team of designers and renovators who go the extra mile to give a new look to the entire place.

5 Best Ways to Choose the Right Bathroom Tiles

Choosing tiles for your home is a tough job. Everyone wants their house to be beautifully decorated. Whether it be kitchen or bathroom tiles, it should be chosen carefully and wisely. When it comes to bathroom tiles and decorations, you need to consider the safety of  children or elders who aren’t able to handle slippery tiles.

Here are five things to consider when choosing the right floor tile for your bathroom remodeling project in Maryland:

1) Choose the first tile in your priority list

Whenever we think of home renovations, we all have set priorities for the tiles that we need. In the case of bathroom tile selection, choose the tile that is a must for your bathroom. It could be anything like a pattern of black and white as an accent wall  or having the same uniquely crafted tile on the wall. Pick that as the first and then think about the rest of the designs.

2) Try to choose a lesser number of tiles

Stay with your first choice for the entire design, then use it to go further with your innovations. If you want a unique pattern like a colorful blend of tiles or black and white shaded picturesque, go for it. Just make sure you don’t select too many colors which gets difficult to blend later. Most commonly, you select a tile for the floor, tile for the wall, and a tile for the shower. This is a normal procedure, not a hard and fast rule. If you are sure with whatever you do, then there is no problem if you don’t follow the typical procedure.

3) Make sure you have one show stopper

There are many beautiful options available for bathroom tiles with several patterns and designs. A bathroom can be a place to showcase who you are. It shows a glimpse of your personality so don’t get too clumsy. Go for one single showstopper. This will make you look worthy and make an impression in front of your friends. The showstopper can be cover a larger or smaller part of your bathroom, depending on your wish and imagination. A simple design can get its charm by an amazing choice of a show stopper. Think wisely before finalizing a show stopper. With Torres Renovation LLC, all your worries about the best bathroom tiles are completely under control.

4) Maintenance is a must

Cleanliness is an issue when there is a wide selection of bathroom tiles. No one wants to spend a lot of time cleaning tubs and bathrooms, so porcelain or ceramic tile would be a good choice. They require the least amount of maintenance and looks good as well. Tiles from natural stone generally need more maintenance and protection.They have a porous texture so they bind the dust and dirt particles more easily. If you are fascinated by the stone then put it in the ports which don’t get wet easily. Glass tiles are slippery but it’s a bad choice for floor coverage,

5) Consider scale.

Try to use the optimum size of tiles of the bathroom. You can go for 12×24 tiles on the floor. The same tile could be used on the bathroom floor in 2×2. Just measure your bathroom and choose it accordingly.

Some Last Words

You might feel stuck facing the consequences of choosing the wrong tile for your bathroom. Not to worry, these were the best of the many ways to choose a perfect tile for your bathroom. Just go with your imagination. Torres Renovation LLC understands all the requirements and provides with best revamping solution. They are the best company to provide bathroom remodel in Maryland.